Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back when people still lived in this forest


Let's continue the previous two posts and stay in Australia's Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden.
Here's daughter Naomi surveying the trails before she and I set out into the wild bush country.
You can click a few times and enlarge the photo to see the topography.

The maps says that "Guringai was the language of the people who first inhabited this area."

In many locations in and around Sydney, where I was visiting,  I saw statements like the one above:
Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Guringai people on whose land we now stand,  we pay our respects to Elders past and present. 
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Melody Steenkamp said...

Such a journey is double fun with more people ;-)
Hope you've enjoyed it!

Have a nice ABC-week / - day
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

Roger Owen Green said...

very informative


William Kendall said...

The twists of that tree are something else!

fredamans said...

Interesting tree!

Karl Demetz said...

That tree is impressive, Dina !

Reader Wil said...

I like those gumtrees and this one you took a photo of is very beautiful and has an interesting shape.
So you are still in Australia?
Have a great weekend, Shabbat Shalom!
Wil, ABCW Team

Dina said...

Hi Wil. I am back home but still wanting to share the many photos from my Australia trip.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

123 hectares, that's quite a garden Dina :) Good to know you enjoy your trips to Australia, of course having your fami!y here is a huge drawcard, it's not a bad place to live :) I loved hearing Sylvia's memories this morning also, people really pulled together back then.

VP said...

I have never seen a tree like this!

Alice said...

Shabbat Shalom Dina Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip to visit family. I like the photo of the tree ,never seen one like that .

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

That tree is seriously unbelievable. Amazing.