Monday, October 26, 2015

Village murals on Austria's National Day


I had to go all the way from Israel to Pinkafeld, a village in Austria, to find something to post for Monday Murals.

Here they are.

In 1697 Pinkafeld had 1,500 inhabitants.
Now there are 4,545.

I'll show you the nice village in the coming posts.

Best wishes to Austria today on her National Day.



William Kendall said...

They're very pretty. The last one's my favourite.

Hels said...

Although I don't know the village of Pinkafeld, it seems cool that they have decorated the centre of town with murals.

Come Away With Me said...

Very attractive murals. I like the muted colors; it works well in that setting.

Alice said...

I love the murals Dina , thank you for sharing them with us. My favorite is the one with the horse looking in the window.

VP said...

Very interesting, an more frescoes than murals!

Kay said...

I love those murals. They show the culture of the area well.