Friday, October 2, 2015

Libby makes capsicum boats


 Granddaughter Libby is only 5 but she is already a specialist at making capsicum boats.
She fills capsicums (bell peppers) with tuna and avocado.  

During my recent visit to Australia I was surprised to find my daughter's new kitchen has dappled mirrors as splash boards. 
Just the thing for the bloggers' weekly meme Weekend Reflections.

Libby is so cute in her school uniform.  (This is the winter one.)
She is in kindergarten at a friendly public school.
It was the end of winter when I came to Australia but by the end of my visit, two weeks ago, the kids were just switching to the cooler summer uniform.
Libby's brothers go to the same school and must wear a white shirt and sometimes even a tie; and all the kids need a wide-brimmed hat in the sun.
I think it looks nice and gives a good feeling to have all the schoolkids looking so tidy.


Spiderdama said...

She is so cute! We should have had school uniform here too. Nice reflection and photos

William Kendall said...

She is cute!

Alice said...

Nice photos... Dina... your granddaughter is totally absorbed in what she is creating.

Indrani said...

She is cute and she is talented.
Making capsicum boats is awesome! :)

Margaret Adamson said...

Sh is really cute. Fabulous reflections. Have a lovely weekend.

Hels said...

Always live in a country where the school children wear smart uniforms.
Always encourage young children to experiment with food preparation and presentation.
That way the children will grow up with pride in their appearance and with confidence in the kitchen :)

VP said...

I would be happy to try one of these boats!

Dina said...

Thanks Spiderdama, William, Alice, Indrani, and Margaret!

Hels, good advice!

VP, I'm sure Libby would be happy to meet you and offer you a capsicum boat. Her brother, now 12, learned Italian in his previous school for years.

Anonymous said...

Whatever should we "elderly" people do without our grandchildren?????

Dina said...

The grandkids really add zest to our life, eh, Rune?! :)

Fun60 said...

It's so good to see children interested in making their own food. Handy kitchen for reflections.

Karl Demetz said...

So cute, Dina !

crystal said...

She looks so sweet in her uniform :) Reminds me of going to a Catholic school for a while when I was a kid - uniforms.

Kay said...

What a cutie! I love it that she's learning to prepare food.