Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jausenbrote -- breaking bread in rural Austria


This evening some 15 of the community members walked five minutes up the road to this Gasthaus for a nice supper.

A common sight in Austria. 

Lots of  geese in a big pasture.
The neighbor farm also raises cattle, pigs, chickens.

The menu is overwhelmingly pork but I found one smoked beef dish.

They make every time of beverage imaginable from their apples.
It is high season now for the apple pressing. 

The meal comes on a thick slice of bread, served on a wooden cutting board.

Everyone gets a sharp knife to cut it into manageable sizes.

I took a backwards stealth picture of the one side of the cellar.
There were more happy Austrians on the other side.

Here between two guests is Mr. Luif, the nice man who owns and manages the whole farm and restaurant.
Four generations live and work together.
See more at their website, in German.


Spiderdama said...

Nice! I love that backward photo:-)

William Kendall said...

I would enjoy the food there!

Gosia k said...

deliciouis food and house. Cheers from Pland

mia more said...

Jause is somehow like an institution in Austria. Enjoy.

VP said...

Rural customs tend to be similar also in faraway places...

Hels said...

Love the architecture of the Gasthaus but is that gate the main entrance?

Come Away With Me said...

Supper looks tasty. And look at that, more corncobs hanging from the ceiling!

Dina said...

Friends, thanks for all your fun observations.

Hels, I didn't go to the upper level but I imagine there is a more standard entrance to the house. What we see in the photo is the door to the cellar in which we found dozens of happy Austrians enjoying the apple cider and food. The kitchen for the little inn is down there and also a small bar.

Cloudia said...

May food friends peace and nature heal you this Shabbos



crystal said...

Oh, you guys are eating on trenchers - very medieval :)

Dina said...

Crystal, thanks for the new word trencher.