Friday, October 23, 2015

Kraut in the afternoon sun


The late afternoon sun was warm here at the Franziskusgemeinschaft in Austria.

A good time to harvest the cabbages.

In German cabbage is Kraut.
The kitchen has served Kraut in many different recipes in the ten days I've been working here, and they are all good.
Krautfleckerl was today's noon meal.  It is a typical Austrian dish of square pasta and carmelized white cabbage. 

Two community members cut the remaining row of purple cabbages in the front garden.
I followed them and uprooted each plant, shaking the rich dirt from the roots.
That's a first for me.
I love learning new farming things from the dedicated people who have tended this land since the early 1980s.
We wheelbarrowed the harvest back to the courtyard (Hof) and worked on cleaning up the cabbages and selecting which would head to the cellar and which would be cooked the very next day. 
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William Kendall said...

It's been a long time since I've had cabbage, but I liked the taste, particularly as cabbage rolls.

mia more said...

Oh cabbage rolls the best I can imagine right now and carmelized cabbage is heavenly. You're working hard, so a good meal is always welcome.

Merisi in Vienna said...

Oh yes, Krautfleckerl is a uniquely tasty dish!
In the old times, the Fleckerl, unevenly cut squares of pasta, would be homemade.

Austrians also make a very good Krautstrudel, a strudel filled with cabbage. Maybe you can ask your hosts to make one?

Dina said...

Cabbage rolls, eh? We'll see ...

Merisi in Vienna, yes, I heard that one member here used to make the noodles, but no more. Echt?! --there is a Krautstrudel? I will ask. Thanks!

Alice said...

MMMM ! I wish I was at the table with you enjoying that nice meal.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I really like the opening photo. Beautiful location and sky!

Jael said...

Oh what beautiful cabbages! And the weather seems to be perfect too.

VP said...

Love the sight of that cabbages, but I do not like to eat them...