Monday, May 19, 2008

Grapes on the way

When I rented my little house a year and a half ago, an old and neglected grapevine in the yard was mostly on the ground. Last March my friend and neighbor decided to give it new life. While volunteering in Italy she had learned the art of pruning vines from the Italian farmers. She thought, counted, and expertly decided what to snip and cut. Then we stretched a wire and wound the vine around it.
Today the vine is thriving, spreading to the right and to the left for many meters. It is a pleasure to see right outside my window. Thanks, B.B.!
Look at these bunches of tiny grapes starting to grow!
In these parts people eat the leaves stuffed with rice and ground meat.
(Be sure to click on the photo to see it bigger.)


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh that's wonderful! It's a great feeling to work so hard to bring something that was almost on the brink of death back to life!! Grapes are delicious! I hope you get a bountiful crop!

the donG said...

wow! this reminds me of the book "Secrets of the Vine" by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. I don't if you read it already. it's a book that helped me change my life.

thanks for dropping by my blog. im glad you like it.

are you a missionary in jerusalem? that's a dream place to me.

Musings said...

I wonder what it will taste like. How exciting to have a fruit plant outside.

Jane Marie said...

Your grape leaves are very healthy. Soon you will be enjoying plump ripe grapes right off the vine and still warm from the sun. What a pleasure!

reader Wil said...

The vine and its fruit are often mentioned in the Bible. They belong to the Holy Land. Can you show us a photo of the grapes when they are ripe?

Dina said...

Shalom chaverim,
Sure, I'll keep you updated as the grapes mature. Do I have to cover them with bags or nets against the birds?
Welcome DonG,
Am I a missionary, you ask?! Well no. I'm just a Jewish Israeli who tries to share Jerusalem with the world, giving equal time to Christian and Jewish holy days and places. Hope you can visit in person some day. When living in Arkansas, in the Bible Belt, I did read "Secrets of the Vine." But reading it with Jewish eyes, I had a lot of issues with it. I liked his "The Prayer of Jabez" better.