Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shawarma shop shut :-(

Today I was sorely disappointed, even shocked, to see my shawarma place shut. They were busy remodeling the little restaurant, which is conveniently right next to the bus stop at the Central Bus Station where we wait for the infrequent bus to my moshav. Starving after a long day in the city, I was so looking forward to watching this nice man shave the chicken meat off the turning skewer, stuff it in a pita, and add salads, humus, tehina, and French fries on top.
Sigh . . . My ever-present sesame bar had to suffice instead.

(Can you tell I'm practicing for tomorrow's ABC Wednesday bloggers' group theme of S words? )


Dan said...

Is it just a temporary situation? Sounds as if there will be a reopening after the renovation is done.

This seems to be a lot more interesting than the ubiquetous Starbucks Coffee! We lack the charm and character of sole-proprietorships but make up for it in the blandness of chain-store cookie-cutter sameness.

Dina said...

Hi Dan,
Man, I sure hope it's temporary. Everything looked pretty much torn out of the place, BUT I saw this same man still inside with the workmen so that's a good sign.
Guess you're right. I know I wouldn't trade the little shwarma and felafel stands for all the Starbucks in the world.

reader Wil said...

Hi dina I am sorry for you that the shawarma shop is closed! I posted 4 entries beginning with 'S'but I cannot find mr.Linky on mrsnesbitt's blog. Could you help me?

Musings said...

Dina, I wish you could come back to Skokie. You would love Pita Inn on Dempster. The lines are horrendous two hours before to two hours after lunchtime. The shwarma salad and other Middle Eastern dishes are almost as good as what we had in Egypt. OK... now I'm getting hungry. Alas, I don't think there are any schwarma places in Hawaii....yet.

Chrisss said...

That meal sure sounds tasty. Hope he re-opens soon for you.


my husband, being such a carnivore, would love this photo! in any case, jerusalem is viewed as such a pilgrims passage, that shawarma just makes it look even more inviting!
as for local places closing for the giants like starbucks etc, here's a little reporting from my other (main) blog that might interest you:

babooshka said...

So nice to see a local shop, rather than a chain. Certainly a very different choice for s.

Miss_Yves said...

Very interesting posts ...and beautiful pictures I'll come back to read every post enterely
miss Yves

Dina said...

Shalom chaverim, thanks for your reactions.
Musings--Yes! I fondly remember the Pita Inn in Skokie. It is run by Lebanese, no? We felt right at home there.
M. Kiwi--Thanks for pointing me to your other great blog. What a treasurehouse!