Wednesday, May 28, 2008

S words closer to home

Secretariat of my moshav/village.
You've heard of a fork in the road. This is a spoon in the road, on the goat path through the woods.
Stone stairs on the shvil (Hebrew for trail).
Sign for Ein Se'adim with lots of Ss.
Shafts of sun in Soreq Valley.


Miss_Yves said...

I supposed that this spoon was a tool used for archeology !
miss Yves

Dina said...

Good one, Miss Yves! But no, the spoon's only connection to archaeology is that is was a found object and a surprise. Maybe because of the goat poop in it, I did not put the spoon in my pocket but left it in situ.

Dick said...

That's a lot of "s". There are so many interesting things in your country, great posts.

reader Wil said...

Although I am late in commenting I want to say that I enjoy seeing and reading all your S's !