Friday, August 1, 2008

Detective work

The City Daily Photo bloggers are having all the fun today. Their theme for August 1st is METAL. Although not a member of the CDP (since I can't restrain myself from publishing more than the recommended ONE photo a day), I want to play too.
So here is a photo of a dig where I volunteered a few years ago. Appropriate to the theme day, no?
"Metal? We wish. . . !"


Rambling Woods said...

I've seen some of the metal posts and your post is very much keeping with the theme Dina..

PJ said...

Hi, I'm from Florida and posting on SWF for the first time AND on CDP for the first time as well. So much fun. Love your photos. PJ

Sherry Stewart said...

Good entry Dina...I thought of photographing a few metal items too, I'm not playing either, but heck, it's hard not to play at will.


USelaine said...

Ah, nice. But I suppose there was a possibility if the detector was being used. You neeeeever know....

Thanks for stopping by.

Here's an idea. You could flip the format some of us have going with the extra images/overflow. You could have a parallel blog with a name like "J H Just One" or something, then with each single photo post, you could have a template that linked to this, your "real" blog. So you could keep doing what you're doing here, and we all know about it, etc., but just take one image out of each of these daily collections and put it on the "other" blog (which could then be listed at CDPB). A thought anyway.