Wednesday, September 3, 2008


G is for Golem.
No, not the famous Golem of Prague (but DO see a fascinating summary of the legend here).
Jerusalem's "Golem" was created in 1973 in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood by sculptress Niki de Saint Phalle as a gift to the children of Jerusalem.
A UC San Diego website says that de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) "is best known for her oversized figures which embrace contradictory qualities such as good and evil, modern and primitive, sacred and profane, play and terror."

But no one calls it Golem.
We call it HaMifletset, Hebrew for "the monster."
It is a landmark.
So you can hear "Driver, does this bus reach the monster?" or "Go straight-straight then turn right at the monster."
A certain guide would always quip to his tourists that, because of its many frightening tongues, it is nicknamed "The Mother-in-Law."
Not true.
The sheer size of the cavernous slide can be frightening the first time a little boy sees it.
But a few weeks into his visit in Israel my brave grandson asked to stop at this park again and to go up the stairs you see here above and then slide down the steep slide.
Yay Dean!
In July signs go up in the neighborhood inviting folks to a birthday party for the Mifletset.
Don't you love that idea?!

Hope you will visit other bloggers showing off their Gs today at ABC Wednesday
and especially my friend at her wondrous From a Thin Place.


mrsnesbitt said...

It is indeed HUGE!
Thanks so much,

Happy ABC Wednesday.

Tommy V said...

WOW great "G"

Miss_Yves said...

I knew golem'legend and I love the style of Niki de saint-Phalle ,( on my blog, there are some of their sculptures )
Great "G"
Miss Yves

Miss_Yves said...

Thank you, Dina,I'll seek the links for you
Miss Yves

Shimmy Mom said...

I love the birthday party idea. He is a unique creature isn't he, but it's so much fun to have crazy landmarks like that around. That is a great G.

photowannabe said...

That is one huge monster. I can see how little ones would be a bit hesitant.
Very interesting and a great choice for G.


good joke about the mother in law - a good many greek jokes about her too!

gaz said...

that's sooo cool.
my boys would love a go on that...

Kris said...

I quite like it. Very cute in a monstrous kind of way.

Bear Naked said...

What a unique G post and photo for ABC Wednesday - letter G.

Bear((( )))

leslie said...

I know my grandson would LOVE to go down that slide, too! Great post for our G day! :D

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

GOSH! That is one Crazy Huge Golem! It can be a little scary at first but then after a bit, kind of fun!! I'd be all over it!! =D

Kim from Hiraeth said...

That is scary looking! I'd have to come at it from behind! : D

Louis la Vache said...

Very Good "G" subject, Dina.

Lawstude said...

got here via a link from a friend's blog and i can't help but comment on the interesting posts you made here and i will definitely come back to read more. take care and GOD bless. :)

nice G and fit for the theme. great job.

Anonymous said...

a monster in pay of children. very unique!!wonderful place must be

the donG said...

it's the most colorful goelm that i've seen. lol. indeed children might be afraid at first but it surely is fun when they start playing.

Laurie said...


Reader Wil said...

The golem is like the huge trolls in Norway! There is even a restaurant with an enormous troll and children love to go there for a party too. Very impressive creature this golem and the legend is interesting!

Sherry said...

What fun, and artistic expression..I can se where someone might use, ' Mother in laws tongue..'

Catherine said...

Fantastic post, Dina!
You're a real touristic guide for us in our virtual trip in Israel.
A precious guide who know many language, and so much details about daily life to share.
I like the Monster. As much as kids love it. Mother In Law, you make me laugh! because I haven't any of my children married yet.

Suzanne said...

This is wonderful Dina, I always loved passing by the monster. Never stopped, guess I'll have to return for some unfinished business.

tipper said...

What a neat landmark! Bet the slide is fun. And I love the B-day part too.