Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering the fallen

This was a day of sad thoughts about death from the skies.

I thought back to THE September 11, how I had sat in the Visitors Center of Heifer Ranch in Arkansas with my fellow volunteers watching the dreadful events occur on the TV screen.
We watched in shocked silence.
At first there was only visual, no audio from the scene. Suddenly the audio was added.
Hearing the sirens and hearing people on the street screaming and sobbing--it transported me to the all-too-familiar sounds and scenes of terror strikes in Israel and especially Jerusalem, then in the throes of the second intifada.
I burst out crying and got up to leave, to go cry on my donkeys' necks, murmuring to no one in particular, "I'm so sorry, Americans, that it takes this for you to feel what Israel has felt so often."

Their . . . our, world would never be the same.

Last night was also the end of the world as they knew it for two families in Israel.
Major (reserves) Yuval Holtzman, 40, father of three, and Major (res.) Shai Danor, father of five, were piloting a helicopter when apparently its rotor flew off and the body of the Cobra crashed to the ground and burned.
All our Cobras were today grounded.
They are in use in the Israel Air Force since the 1970s and before that, the Americans used these same gunships in Vietnam. They are getting old.

Now for some nice words about helicopters. This is the new helipad nearing completion at Hadassah Hospital.

The wounded and injured will be taken on the elevator directly down to the Emergency Medicine Department.

That will be an improvement over this. Here two choppers are landing on the outside landing place.
From here the stretcher cases have to be transported across the street and through several buildings.

Our moshav is just on the next hill. My house is under the flight pattern to Hadassah.
I see the helping helicopters almost everyday and say a little prayer each time.
But today all Israel says a prayer for the pilots we lost last night who themselves became victims.


Webradio said...

Bonsoir !

Oui c'est la tristesse !

Surtout, il ne faut pas oublier !

JC said...

I'll remember those pilots and their families in my prayers.

Gretchen said...

Sorry to hear about their deaths. All so unnecessary. Why can't people just all get along? We're all human, no matter what our color, race or religion. I'll never understand why others don't understand that.

Leora said...

Very sad news, about the helicopter crash. I feel for those families.

Louise said...

Excellent, well-written post. As an American, no I will never forget what happened on September 11. I will never forget what I was doing when I heard the news and what I was doing when I realized that my husband had been in harm's way just a few weeks before as a summer intern. But I love what you said about Israel. Not downplaying what happened here, but we are so unbelievably unaccustomed to terrorism. You live it in Israel. Every. single. day. I will never forget, and I will not criticize those who memorialize it in whatever way, but for me, I will quietly remember, and be thankful every day that I don't live in it. And September 11 is an event that makes me send my prayers your direction. Meaning no disrespect to my fellow Americans, we have seen nothing.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" appreciates your remembering the fallen of 9/11. He noticed the local newspapers chose to ignore the day, sad but not surprising given the political views of these papers...

"Louis" is saddened to read about the deaths of the men in the Cobras. They are getting very old.

Petrea said...

Thank you for remembering, Dina. I can't seem to shake the sadness today. Nor should I.

Kay said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry. My thoughts will be with those pilots and their loved ones and all the families of those who perished during 9/ll.

evlahos said...

so sad. no more words

Sara N said...

I am sorry for that Dina.All Iranian hate terrorism,as I do.
We experienced War,and I know how much it is sad.Although I was a baby during the war Iran-Iraq,my mom always describes me that days!
Hope a day with peace and love for all people in the world.
We Muslims believe that every bad things will be finished when Imam Mahdi come,And I prayer He come sooner,Enshaalah!

nonizamboni said...

This constant give and take of lives is so disheartening. . .but it seems we continue on, yes? Helicopters are a great H word--I love the way they sound in the air causing me to always stop and look up. Such workhorses!
Thanks for sharing Dina.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Seems like a lot of sad news to post but is important not to forget.

Reader Wil said...

How sad. I feel very sorry for the families.

Jules said...

Such a terrible loss on such a terrible day for all peace loving people in the world. RIP.

ichandrae said...

I'm so sorry for your war troubles Dina.

Ah you cried in your donkey's neck how touching.