Monday, June 8, 2009

Κύριε ἐλέησον

At the center of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands this edicule, and inside is the tomb where Jesus was buried (according to Catholic and Orthodox tradition).

This is a rare photo of the edicule with no crowds standing in line to enter it. Early morning today.
But yesterday this same place was much more colorful, with red vestments bringing to mind the red tongues of fire.
The Orthodox churches were celebrating Pentecost.
The prostration is because of the liturgy of the day.
The Greek Orthodox have three sets of kneeling prayers for Pentecost.
The first is a prayer of great repentance; the second prayer is a call to the Holy Spirit to help the faithful follow the right path during their life; and the third prayer is to remember those who have gone before.
Some selected lines from the liturgy:
DEACON: For those who incline their hearts as well as the knee before the Lord, let us pray to the Lord.
CANTOR: Lord, have mercy.
DEACON: That He will accept our act of kneeling as incense before Him, let us pray to the Lord.
CANTOR: Lord, have mercy.
. . .
DEACON: Again, on bended knees, let us pray to the Lord.
CANTOR: Lord, have mercy. Kyrie eleison.
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Guy D said...

Amazing photos Dina, thanks for the glimpse into your world.

Have a fantastic week
Regina In Pictures

James said...

Amazing stuff. Your world is incredibly interesting. I glad that you take the time to share it.

pasadenaadjacent said...

The repetition of verse in the Greek Orthodox church can be very hypnotic. It's great that you posted the lines of the prayer

Ann said...

Those red vestments are wonderful. Great series.

kavita said...

Thanks for such rare pics and all the informations you shared.

Wren said...

An interesting intersection of cultures. Amazing that you found a time when the church was empty - I can't imagine that happens often.

Kay said...

This is a very interesting look into a sacred place.

Pietro said...

Thanks for sharing these rare and interesting images, Dina.

spacedlaw said...

Very interesting, as usual.

jeannette stgermain said...

Beautiful architecture. Interesting celebrations - thanks for sharing!

RuneE said...

As you now I'm not a religious person, but that does not mean that I can't be impressed. I was.

Abe Lincoln said...

This is all like "Greek" to me. Praying in the closet it isn't. I guess it is more what one thinks than what one does. I enjoyed this look at this place. Otherwise I would never have been able to be there. Thanks for the neat pics.

Canarybird said...

Very interesting photos of customs which we rarely have a chance to see. Thanks for posting these Dina!

Larry D said...

Wow, incredible place!

Arija said...

Thank you fr showing us the inside of the church and the rituals Dina.

janice said...

Awesome pictures, Dina. Thanks for sharing.

Sailor Girl said...

You can really feel FAITH and DEVOTION there!!!! Amazing!!!

cieldequimper said...

Thank you for the shot without the queue.

Luiz Ramos said...

Beautiful Pentecoste`s Liturgy.
Thanks for share this important building.
Luiz Ramos

erin said...

thank you for sharing this fascinating history with us along with the wonderful photos. my husband would love to travel to jerusalem and visit some day.