Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eitsah-gebers (#3 in a series)

Thanks for bearing with me for two days of heavy posts. I do appreciate your sage comments and encouraging words.
So now for something lighter!

 Presenting . . . No. 3 in the series "How many men does it take to open a manhole?"

I watched this team giving advice, pulling and prying, hammering and measuring, until finally the personal access panel came off.
(Yes, a reader once told me this is the politically correct way to say manhole cover.)
 Jookim and other crawling bugs scurried every which way, blinded by the sudden light of day.

The little street is Rehov HaKotel, Western Wall Road, in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's walled Old City.
To see other funny advice-givers gathered around manholes, click here for Hadassah and here for the Supreme Court.


raphaelleae said...

Hello Beautiful Dina,
The ninja turtles are the best to consult on how to open a manhole.

kavita said...

its just like a scene from my country .

Cloudia said...

Enjoyed this slice of life.
You are invited to my tribute post tomorrow if You can, Dina.

Kay said...

We often laugh about the same thing here. We might have 5 guys standing around while one guy does something really minor. Hilarious. But wait... those are my tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

advice or criticism? I think the sudden swarm of creepy crawlys would keep me at arms length.