Friday, June 26, 2009

Bloggers send balloons

If you are watching the sky on Friday and spot green balloons, think of Iran.
The planned release of the balloons is right now, at 1:00 pm Tehran time (GMT +4 1/2 hours).

Our Iranian blogger-friend posted this message:

"Are you mad about what has been happening inside Iran these days? Well then take a deep breath... blow it all into a Green Balloon... and wait until Friday afternoon to send it up to the sky, wherever you are on this planet. Millions of Iranians inside Iran are planning to paint the sky green on Friday exactly at 1pm Tehran time. The non-violent green movement is being cracked down on the ground, so lets take it to the sky."

I can't find a balloon picture on short notice, so instead here is "Green Void" in Sydney, Australia. Let's pretend it can fly.

I hope one of the balloons (from Mashhad, for instance) will catch the prevailing winds of change and reach us. Tehran is only 1,569 kilometers, 975 miles, east of Jerusalem.
A year ago I saw this distance in terms of how many minutes nuclear missiles would take to reach us. But during this year two young student bloggers have been putting a more human and humane face on their country.

Thank you for that, M. and S. We pray for you and your compatriots.


Ida said...

A great way to show solidarity.
I've posted some green balloons as well.
To support the people in Iran.

Reader Wil said...

What a great idea, Dina! I copied the text and I'll put it on my blog!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Wonderful. I will share on my blog also!

Gretchen said...

What a wonderful idea!!

Nazzareno said...

Hi Dina,I've copied and posted the text.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was anything we could do but I somehow doubt it.

Catherine said...

What a touching message, Dina. Just symbolic and non violent, a message with no borders, through the sky.
Hope it gives a little hope, and a new way to express oneself despite the censorship.

RuneE said...

Things are not supposed to be easy - and some have it worse that others. Religion and politics are never a good mixture. Iran is a good example.

PS Thank you for the comment and tip!

Cloudia said...

Today I posted a poem that speaks to this whole situation- now to find green baloons!

Comfort Spiral

Petrea said...

Well done, my friend! You put a beautiful face on peace.

Hilda said...

I'm joining CDP's special theme day for Iran tomorrow, and I hope you do too again. And I posted a link to the Avaaz petition yesterday and plan to do so again tomorrow.

Our prayers are with all of them.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

this is a great idea

JM said...

I love your text, Dina! Wonderful!

Maria said...

Beautiful post! I will also post green balloons as soon as I have found a picture!
I love this peaceful way of trying to change things!

Pietro said...

Dina, you are a very quick blogger! :-)
Very meaningful post. I also think the only way (to try) to change things is the non-violent way.

Sara said...

Amen...I join you in the prayers and thoughts. And the green balloons.