Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evening sky

Some evening pictures from Hadassah hospital (Ein Kerem campus), about 8:00 pm, while waiting for the bus to my village.
Good ones for SkyWatch Friday, I think.
These are the same sleeping cranes you saw from far away a few weeks ago.
My village, with her first lights coming on.
It's just half an hour's walk.

And for the SkyWatchers who missed my funny windsock post, here is another shot of it, at the helicopter landing pad.
A neighboring moshav is up on top of the hill. They and we often have a few helicopter flying over us during the day or night. Not everyone is so lucky to live so close to a world-class medical center. (May we all be well and healthy!)


Calm Energy said...

Beautiful soft hues... very tranquil... the colors in the second photo are so relaxing~ the "sleeping cranes" are such a masterpiece of engineering, aren't they!?
*Thank you for your kind comments*

Robin said...

Very pretty, soft skies.

I can't hear a helicopter go by overhead without hearing Shalom Hanoch's words ringing in my head - B'makom bo ani gar helicopter over, zeh siman lamashehu ra. "Where I live a helicopter passes, it's a sign of something bad."

Leora said...

Whenever you show your village, I think I want to live there. Looks so pretty.

James said...

I really like the top picture.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

our skies look very similar - we get all those soft hues in the evening, and it looks very pretty and romantic, especially is you live near the sea

ascu75 aka Don said...


Guy D said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I always enjoy your posts. You make the commonplace interesting and attractive.

Cloudia said...

May we all live well and be happy; and may angels protect your lovely town!

Comfort Spiral

Jew Wishes/Lorri said...

Hi Dina...your photos are always so inspiring and beautiful. These are no exception.

JM said...

The first shot is really powerful!

Dina, I think my previous post may eventually interest you. It has to do with digging... :-)

Anonymous said...

Is that what they call them "wind socks".... I love the silhouette of a construction crane.

(I too live on a hillside)

Kay said...

Have a peaceful evening, Dina. I could use a wind sock over here actually. I wonder where I could put one up.

Ann said...

Cranes can make such good subjects at all times of day, can't they.

Reader Wil said...

Brilliant sky watch photos!

Catherine said...

Helicopters, as soon as they can save lifes are a good sign in this sky.
These skies are so peaceful, waiting for a new day.

Pietro said...

Very attractive the evening light in these images. Your village must be so pleasant.
I also like to photograph cranes for their interesting geometric shapes in some perspectives.