Monday, June 15, 2009

Those magnificent men in their flying machines

This strange sight caught my eye as I was leaving the Old City last Monday, via Jaffa Gate.

(Click! The photos are more fun when enlarged.)
Two men below and two men above were slowly, cautiously pulling on ropes while calling out advice back and forth across the moat.
Their contraption was swaying above the dry moat of Jerusalem's Citadel.
You never know what you will find when out taking pictures in Jerusalem!
I had to hurry to my bus back to the village and left without understanding what it was I had seen.
Two days later we learned that the first-ever Light Festival was opening in the Old City. Aha!
By then the bird and the flying machine were safely hung up and and also lit up, being appreciated by big crowds of "light art" lovers.
The brochure says this kinetic sculpture by Nitzan Rafaeli is an amusing tribute to motion and light--"Leonardo meets Newton, Newton meets Tinguely."
(Jean Tinguely is the Swiss kinetic artist [whose fantastic creations I saw in his museum in Fribourg].)
At night she turns from white to blue to white. The bluebird of happiness!
Another installation from the Festival shines in yesterday's post.
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JM said...

Great sequence! And I love the buildings shown on the 2nd shot! What a beautiful spot!

Pietro said...

Another interesting installation!
Generally speaking, I always like when people (artists, journalists, actors, ordinary people, etc) can freely express themselves in the way they prefer.

Laura said...

Hey there Dina! Thanks for your frequent attention and comments to my blog! I'm glad it's of interest to you- certainly a bit different from your world at the moment! Jerusalem must be incredibly fascinating- I studied a lot of Biblical interpretation and the Bible in late Antiquity and the early years of Christianity and the Jewish/Christian theological interpretation, so Jerusalem is just loaded with meaning and significance. I imagine your work in archeological field work must be very interesting, and I hope to find a job after my Romanian experiences that is that engaging....

Anonymous said...

add a few worms and the bluebird of happiness will be happier

Kay said...

Oh wow! This is so cool, Dina! It must really be amazing to see it all lit up and sparkling.

Leora said...

Oh, what fun! Love that flying blue thing at the bottom. Yes, I remember visiting the citadel, but there was no flying blue light around to enjoy, just the old stuff.

FA said...

This must be great to see! Thanks for sharing.

Vagabonde said...

Your posts are so interesting, it is like being there in your country with you. I had not seen the site “That’s my World” and now I can look at many more blogs. I have to be careful or I spend so much time reading the blogs that I don’t get to do what I should do (like cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, etc.)

spacedlaw said...

Very nice!

Hilda said...

Am I glad you found out what that busy-ness at the Citadel was about! Getting all curious and not finding out can be worse than an itch you can't scratch ;)

Lovely bluebird of happiness. (I've always liked that.)

mommanator said...

Lihgts in the city of light!

mire said...

beautiful Dina
How beautiful this festival.This light celebrates our NAISSANCE in the stars.

Petrea said...

Forget the bird. There's a MOAT! How cool is that?