Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally, pretty benches!

While in downtown Jerusalem this morning for a vision test (to renew my Arkansas driver's license), I was near the Sergei Courtyard and decided to step inside and photograph the old agricultural installations on display.

What a surprise to find the olive presses and grindstones covered with old clothes!
Apparently is was Chofshi-shishi, sort of a Free Friday that happens every few months. You can bring your shmates and used books to give away or you can just take stuff you need for free.

Well, since the agricultural implements were not photographable, I went in search of benches to show Rune at Visual Norway and the other Bench of the Week friends.
Look at these beauties!
I never realized we had any unusual benches in Jerusalem until this mini-meme opened my eyes and made me search for them.

Complete with a pergola and what looks like a stylized cross above.
The Sergei Hostel was built in 1890 for Christian pilgrims from Russia.
But if I understand the sign correctly, the Jewish benches are a rather new addition.

The view from the garden benches is a fountain with lily pads.
I went home happy with the surprise photos (and also with a little bag of free clothes). :D
Shabbat shalom, friends.


RuneE said...

I must at once admit that I can't remember seeing something like these benches here. Very elaborate and intricate patterns. Somebody must have spent quite a while with the design.

And getting books for free sounds like a nice additional option!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Those are extraordinary benches. Most of the fountains here dry to keep the homeless folks from bathing in them.

PERBS said...

Such a beautiful bench to photograph! It is almsot a piee of art!!!!!!!!! Nice scene to look at while sittting there too! Coem see my benches -- they are original too. Ü

Reader Wil said...

What a great idea to bring old clothes to a kind of market place and get books for free. The bench is lovely!

Sara said...

That's a fascinating bench with its Greek key design and the Art Noveau swirls, and the way it attaches itself to the railing, like it doesn't want to float away!

Cloudia said...

Such a delightful walk along Dina.
Gorgeous bench. We have a free trading spot here in the harbor too. Now, why do you have an ARK license?
Aloha my dear. Happy Shabbos

Comfort Spiral

Ann said...

That's an unusual bench. Haven't seen anything like that here, although I do have a photo of an interesting stone one that I don't think I've used yet.

Barbara Martin said...

A nice surprise for you to find free books and clothes, and exquisite benches overlooking a fountain. Very nice.

Yaelian said...

Really great looking benches! And that place looks really beautiful too.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

your benches today are really impressive - the designs are quite unique

(i'll still be around to check out blogs - remember it's a staycation and i'll still have access to the internet!)

Shell Sherree said...

Chofshi-shishi sounds like a really lovely tradition, Dina! And those benches are amazing.

Phoenix C. said...

What wonderful benches! So delicate and kind of exuberant in design also!

Malyss said...

An incredible bench, very unic, indeed; and free books? paradise on the earth!!