Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Let Jerusalem teach you."

The plaza in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City was pretty quiet when I sat down on one of the benches pictured here to eat my cheese sandwich.
(Click to enjoy the face of youth!)
Suddenly the army "invaded"!
All the girl soldiers were listening to the boy soldier lecture. He must have been their tour guide for the day.
Learning about the country and about Jerusalem, including the holy places, is part of every Israeli soldier's training. And you learn by walking in the places.

The "picnic box" for their group must have been heavy. The girls had to put it down and rest several times.
But they did it. They delivered the goods!


RuneE said...

Educational picnics are always fun!

PS Thank you for the comment - I have a new one for you...

Mediterranean kiwi said...

great way to learn about history
i love walking myself - the best way to travel

Cloudia said...

Oh thank you for sharing this!
I love coming to Jerusalem every day, Dina.

My blog is NOT updating in readers ;-(
PLEASE come visit me!

Comfort Spiral

Reader Wil said...

I've never seen so many girl-soldiers and they are so young!
Thanks for showing.

Dina said...

Rune, "educational picnic," I like that! hehe

Med Kiwi, I'm with you.

Cloudia, and I love coming to Hawaii every day. Bummer about Blogger.

Wil, our kids start their compulsory army service at 18.

janice said...

Awesome photo!

I would have felt extremely secure eating my cheese sandwich....

Kay said...

This was very interesting to see. I love seeing girls being treated "equally". However, it makes me sad that they are soldiers and that we have a need for them.

Pietro said...

Poor girls and boys: the best period of their life ruined by the military service. :-(

Dina said...

Janice, haha, yes, but I moved to a quieter bench.

Kay, yes, but our soldiers do a lot of social work and good in the society, they are not just for defense and fighting.

Pietro, being in the military is not like in other countries. Here it is a normal and usually positive part of life. (Unless we are at war, of course...)

Robin said...

I've always wondered whether other countries make such an effort to ensure that their young soldiers learn exactly what they're fighting to protect.

Michele said...

Whoa, this is somewhat odd but I guess for you it is not.
But an interesting story nonetheless.
Hope you have a good week, be safe.

Dave King said...

I hadn't seen your blog until today, but I'm hooked.

Dina said...

Robin, I kinda doubt it. The way we love our heritage in this country is exceptional.

Michele, glad to see you! No, not odd for us. I feel like the mother (or now, grandmother) of each of these young kids in uniform.

Hi Dave. Welcome to Jerusalem and the Judean Hills! Your Pics and Poems looks like a blog full of thoughts and beauty.

mommanator said...

gals do the heavy work!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. I think i also see Carob and Sycamore trees.

Pietro said...

Dina, thanks for your nice reply.
I can understand that the military service is more "friendly" in your country, but it's the military service itself which is highly deplorable because it's NOT peace, it's NOT love, it's NOT solidarity, it's NOT edification, it's AGAINST all the religions, it's AGAINST man.
Have a nice week!