Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alpine meadow with "bridge"

Because I am running out of new bridges from landlocked Jerusalem to show you for Louis' Sunday Bridges, let's make a quick jump over to the Swiss Alps instead.
Could this be called a bridge?
If not, then what would you call it? Anyone?
I found it in a summer meadow, high up (about 1,800 meters) on the slope of an alp.
In spring, when the snow melts, I imagine this is a swampy area or with run-off flowing under the timbers.
The cows, herdsmen, and hikers must appreciate it then.


Reader Wil said...

It could also be a footpath or the wall of an ancient building.Maybe somebody knows this place well.

VP said...

Thats new: a nice land bridge!

Kay said...

If you call it a bridge, I'll call it a bridge. Sort of a bridge to Nowhere right now, hunh?

Genie said...

I certainly consider it a walking bridge, and I have seen many of then here in the states. It makes a beautiful footpath. The colors are so nice here. The shot brings back memories of my summer family reunion at Virginia Beach where we saw a number of these pathbridges.

cieldequimper said...

Old, old beautifully weathered boardwalk.

Ann said...

Is it for when the snow melts, and you have running water?

I do have a few bridges like this.

Lesley said...

I suppose you could also call it a boardwalk, but that is really just a non-elevated bridge of sorts, isn't it?

JM said...

What a very cool entry on the bridge meme!

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
It's close enough to a bridge to fit «Louis'» definition!

«Louis» apologizes that he wasn't able to visit your Sunday Bridges post until today.
He appreciates your frequent contributions to the meme. ;-D