Sunday, January 23, 2011

A monk and his cell. A toddler dwelling in safety.

Psalm 4 today for Robert's "Psalm Challenge" at Daily Athens.
You are welcome to join the little but growing group of blogging Psalm illustrators.
Psalm 4:
To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments. A Psalm of David.
Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!

You have enlarged me when I was in distress;

have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.
O you sons of men, how long will you turn my glory into shame?
How long will you love vanity, and seek after falsehood? Selah.

But know that the Lord has set apart the pious man for himself;
the Lord will hear when I call to him.

Tremble, and do not sin;
talk with your own heart on your bed, and be still. Selah.

Offer the sacrifices of righteousness,
and put your trust in the Lord.
There are many who say, Who will show us good?
Lord, lift up the light of your countenance upon us.
You have put more gladness in my heart
than they have whose grain and wine are increased.

I will both lie down and sleep in peace;
for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
א לַֽמְנַצֵּחַ בִּנְגִינוֹת מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִֽד: ב בְּקָרְאִי עֲנֵנִי אֱלֹהֵי צִדְקִי בַּצָּר הִרְחַבְתָּ לִּי חָנֵּנִי וּשְׁמַע תְּפִלָּתִֽי: ג בְּנֵי־אִישׁ עַד־מֶה כְבוֹדִי לִכְלִמָּה תֶּאֱהָבוּן רִיק תְּבַקְשׁוּ כָזָב סֶֽלָה: ד וּדְעוּ כִּֽי־הִפְלָה יְהֹוָה חָסִיד לוֹ יְהֹוָה יִשְׁמַע בְּקָרְאִי אֵלָֽיו: ה רִגְזוּ וְֽאַל־תֶּחֱטָאוּ אִמְרוּ בִלְבַבְכֶם עַל־מִשְׁכַּבְכֶם וְדֹמּוּ סֶֽלָה: ו זִבְחוּ זִבְחֵי־צֶדֶק וּבִטְחוּ אֶל־יְהֹוָֽה: ז רַבִּים אֹמְרִים מִֽי־יַרְאֵנוּ טוֹב נְֽסָה־עָלֵינוּ אוֹר פָּנֶיךָ יְהֹוָֽה: ח נָתַתָּה שִׂמְחָה בְלִבִּי מֵעֵת דְּגָנָם וְתִֽירוֹשָׁם רָֽבּוּ: ט בְּשָׁלוֹם יַחְדָּו אֶשְׁכְּבָה וְאִישָׁן כִּֽי־אַתָּה יְהֹוָה לְבָדָד לָבֶטַח תּוֹשִׁיבֵֽנִי


Kay said...

OH perfect, Dina! Absolutely perfect! What an adorable baby. Hmmm... could that possibly be who I think it is?

Dina said...

Thanks Kay. Yes, it is baby Libby, my new granddaughter in Australia.

Robin said...

Libby is utterly adorable, and I love the play on words with the monk and his cell :).

Shades of Pink is holding a giveaway for one of my custom Photoverse prints - swing by and check it out!

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful and strong photo to this psalm full of dispair in the beginning and full of hope and trust in God in the end!

Reader Wil said...

Your granddaughter is a piece of art in the hands of our Creator!

Birdman said...

I like the subtle humor here. hahaha!

Sara said...

Ah the trusting and innocent sleep of a little child! Beautiful choice of photos for Psalm 4; I enjoyed all of them and smiled at the monk on his phone....

Spiderdama said...

hehe. Wonderful pictures to the verses, fits perfect!!:-)

VP said...

I remember baby Libby! This Psalm challenge is getting very interesting...

RuneE said...

I like the simplicity of this composition, the round curves in contrast to the lines formed by the light and the shadows. All topped by the depth.

Thank you for the nice comment!

Anonymous said...

Probably unique moments you allow us to see - many thanks for that. Of great joy to follow pictures and writing, which fit all so well.

A further proof that the Psalms may still 'be alive', even nowadays. Thank you very much for your participation. Please have a wonderful new week. Of great honour to see you next week again.

daily athens

Pietro said...

I find the words "Lord, lift up the light of your countenance upon us" nice and meaningful.

Kate said...

You have paired the psalms perfectly with the photos.

Leif Hagen said...

I love the "Psalm challenge" and especially the photos you included with your text! Precious baby Libby! My sister-in-law is named Libby but she doesn't suck her thumb anymore!
: - )

katney said...

Well done, Dina. Your illustrations are well selected. I am glad others are now finding images to match the psalms.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I have a fondness for the Psalms.