Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter for the Orthodox

I wasn't planning to go to the Orthodox Easter services today.
But somehow I ended up in the Old City, in the Holy Sepulchre, in the katholikon of the Greek Orthodox, in their liturgy.
Here are my favorite pictures (enlargeable with just a click).

A Muslim kawas kept order.

The Patriarch standing before the iconostasis.

The sun sent radiant beams through the dome of the Greek katholikon.

The faithful stood for hours hearing the liturgy.

After the service, people kept asking this young one to stand for a second and "pose." And he did.

Just outside the katholikon, at the tomb of Jesus, Israeli police and Border Guards kept order in
the line of hundreds of pilgrims waiting to enter the tiny chapel.

I especially enjoyed the Magavnik (Border Police) with a kipah under his beret keeping watch over the Holy Sepulchre chapel.


Robert Geiss said...

Feels like an universe of its own. Wonderful peacefulness inside. Please have a good new week ahead.

diane b said...

Sure is a different world there.

Birdman said...

Looking at these photos is more enjoyable then waiting for the Taxman today.

Sara said...

Your photos are so enjoyable, Dina. I enlarged all of them...what a glorious array of people! Wish I could have joined them on this day.

VP said...

Fascinating atmosphere, I wonder how it is to be there...

Pietro said...

Images of great interest, Dina.

mirae said...

ah this is beautiful Dina,in as much as there is a separation between religions then that seperation is the weakness of religion in general.
It would be an enriching idea to attend services in other denominations and to really meditate on the symbolism of each religion and to find that there is only one pathway of pure light. How I love these photos.
I am there thankyou!

Tina Liel said...

Thanks a lot for your sweet comment♥ Amd I LOVE all the photos from the Easter celebrations also your friends. Always amazing to see how Easter is celebrated in Jerusalem. When my parents were here in October we went to a Sunday mass In Nazareth - an mamazing experience for them. Wow if I lived in Jerusalem I would have so much more to take photos of LOL. Hugs♥

crystal said...

Beautiful photos. I wonder if it's hard to stand through the whole church service.

Reader Wil said...

Your photos are much better than mine! Yes when I saw this window of Naphtali, I found it already one of the most beautiful of the twelve. I didn't know the name yet. There are more coming.I keep writing about Israel until the E of Elijah!
Have a great week!

Robin said...

You do find the most interesting sites, dear Dina.

I hope you had a wonderful Passover, I'll have to catch up on your goings on now that I'm back, and perhaps even manage to blog again myself :).