Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Landing in a cloud of dust

Getting off the bus at Hadassah hospital, I heard a helicopter nearing.
I ran to the corner of the parking lot and was in time for the excitement of the powerful sound and sight!

But instead of a stretcher, some VIPs were brought out and whisked away in a black car.
The unique square license plate must be of some top official. Maybe the President?

I was worried the armed guards might look back and look up and see me "shooting" (photos, of course!).
Then it worried me that they never even noticed me.
But I was relieved to realize that IDF helicopters landing at Hadassah helipad carry important passengers who are alive and well, and not only wounded soldiers and civilians.
(The helicopters being an almost daily part of my world, this post goes to Our World Tuesday.)


VP said...

That is a Blackhawk. A couple of years ago they used one of these to ferry Rahm Emanuel and family on a private tour of the Golan Heights.
Maybe it is an usual VIP treatment...

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

I have never been on a Blackhawk, but flew quite a few different ones back in my military life. I never feel less than amazed when I see one up close.

Rob and Mandy said...

I jumped from a few of those Blackhawks, eons ago, training.

mirae said...

hello beautiful Dina, well that is boring you were shooting a camera. haha.
nice long distance view.
we have helicopters around here patrolling at night by the urban valley where I like to go. they are interesting to watch-like nocturnal creatures in themselves.

je t'embrasse.

crystal said...

My only experience with helicopters was when I worked at a hospital - trauma patients were brought in that way to the roof. Now I just see those 'eye in the sky' police helicopters overhead once in a while.

Birdman said...

If shooting with a camera was all there was to it. What safe lives we'd lead.

Reader Wil said...

Wow. Was it the same helicopter we saw several times when we were on the bus?

Hilda said...

I'm worried too that they didn't notice you.

Helicopters a daily part of your life… and for me, it's a big deal! I was so frustrated early this year that when one landed in a field in our university, I had left my camera at my office desk!