Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's hidden under the fig leaf?

There I was, standing in the shade of a fig tree, looking down both on the City of David antiquities and on Arab Silwan and contemplating "the situation."

A mourning dove flew over and fluttered next to the tree, not fearing me at all, which I thought strange.
Hearing some commotion inside the foliage, I moved around the tree for a closer look.

A flash photo revealed the nest!
Abba dove was returning to Imma dove who had been minding the nest!

Enlarge the photo and enjoy the sweet eyes of both birds. See them?
(A contribution to Camera-Critters meme.)


Hels said...

Clever birds :)
Oh and I LOVE fresh figs *slurp*


Absolutely one incredible find!!! I can see two peeping in the nest and the other to the far left in the tree, a bit hidden by a leaf. Did I say incredible?


Green said...

Nice shot! I wish Blogger had a "like" button.

Patsy said...

What a great photo!

VP said...

Doves are too similar to pigeons to warm my heart, but you have caught something hidden and unusual...

Raksha said...

Wonderful picture...I hope it's a good omen for a successful resolution of "the situation."

Denise said...

A great photo! Loved the fact that you caught a peek at them and so did we.

crystal said...

Great photo :) That tree looks like a good one for a nest - lots of concealing foliage.

Pietro said...

What a beautiful image, Dina!

Blogger has the "reaction buttons". As for me, I have a classic template and unfortunately there is not the code for them.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely birds!