Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tune in to streaming video from Jerusalem church

This poster and reflection were on the glass door of the Christian Information Center in the Old City.

You can click on it (and click again on the photo that opens) and read about the " 8th Extraordinary Prayer of all Churches for Reconciliation, Unity and Peace, beginning in and proceeding from Jerusalem,"
being hosted by the Armenian Catholics.

You can watch it in live streaming video
--at 6:00 pm Israel time (4:00 pm GMT or 8:00 am California time).
Check on the handy time zone converter
Let's hope their prayer helps the situation.
UPDATE: It was a nice broadcast of the ecumenical service.
That same Franciscan Media Center that shared it online is a good source for documentary videos on religious life in the Holy Land.


Sara said...

Thank you, Dina! I tuned in just in time to hear the beautiful Psalm 122 read and see the very end of the service. Very moving to see all those denominations praying together and I add my Amen to their prayers.

Dina said...

Sara shalom. Sorry, I should have posted this earlier. The Franciscan media website in the link will probably have the video of the whole ecumenical service up soon, if you want see it all.
They also have lots of good videos about Israel.

Anonymous said...

Sending you the strength i call my own.

How moving a thing to do. Thank you for sharing.

Pat said...

What a wonderful thing for all Christians to pray together for reconciliation. I am just now reading your post and it's 5:00 PM in California, so I missed the service. Maybe I'll be able to find it and listen online.

VP said...

Franciscan Media Center? That is a long way from talking to the birds...