Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Woman and watermelons in water

Look at the rapt attention of these kids to an 11-minute DVD projection at the Israeli section of the new fine-arts wing at Israel Museum!

You too can be mesmerized by a 7-minute video of DeadSee .

Artist Sigalit Landau (born 1969) explains her DeadSee creation:

A cord of two hundred and fifty meters penetrates five hundred watermelons forming a six meter spiral raft in the saturated salt waters of the Dead Sea. The spiral turns as a whirlpool reversed from it s normal direction.
I am floating locked inside the spiral layers between the center and the periphery of the sweet raft. I am reaching out against the direction of the turning raft towards a small area in the spiral where the fruit is wounded, red and exposed like myself to the sting of the salt. The salt solution of the dead sea enables everything to float on its illusive surface. The spiral gradually becomes a thin green line abandoning the viewer.
The film was shot in mid August 2004 in the area of Sdom south of Masada

(The woman with watermelons in water is for W-day at ABC Wednesday. And the spiral is a gift to blog-friend Cloudia of Comfort Spiral in Hawaii.)
UPDATE Jan. 26, 2014:  More about this artist at  http://israel21c.org/culture/inside-the-fertile-mind-of-sigalit-landau/


VP said...

I won't shoot at the Red Cross (or at the Magen David Adom), so I will keep silent on this one.

Carver said...

Interesting post for W day. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

Reader Wil said...

A real interesting piece of art. I hope the woman survived the highly concentrated salt water.
Thanks for sharing !
Thanks for your participation in ABC Wednesday!
Wil, ABC Team.

NixBlog said...

Hmmmm, not impressed straight away, but maybe it will grow on me as a creative idea. Then again, maybe not...

Sara said...

Wow, amazing. I watched the video and kept wishing there was music...

Robert Geiss said...

Makes one want to search for spirals.

Please have a good Wednesday.

Roger Owen Green said...

It's sort of zenlike

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

cloudia charters said...

Sincere gratitude, Dear Dina;
both for this dedication,
and for your comment at
my post today. It meant
a lot to me
coming from you.

Shalom from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

chubskulit said...


White Eggplant
Rose, ABC Wednesday!

luluberoo said...

Well..interesting..maybe it does grow on you.

my ABC Wednesday: http://justtobeisablessing.wordpress.com/

mirae said...

hello beautiful Dina- powerful art-arriving to the center of the spiral and the healing, the transcendence of the soul to the resurrected floating on the sea of life.
(kids are so spoiled by technology.smiles)
shalom love and light

mirae said...

ps beautiful Dina, I am enjoying my new profile image.
I can chant as I blog oooooooooommmmm.haha.
have a magical day.

shalom love and light

Kay said...

It's a gift for Art too. Watermelons are his all time favorite fruit. He was aghast to discover that his only daughter was allergic to it.

JM said...

This reminds me of our National Coach Museum.

Anonymous said...

all i could think of is how anyone be naked in the dead sea. i was in it once, and it burned me sooo much down there....had to jump out and go in some fresh water to clear out

looks like an enjoyable time

when time races like a bullet