Monday, April 1, 2013

Pedestrians crossing Sultan Suleiman St.


As you see (click once or twice), the zebra pedestrian crossing on busy Sultan Suleiman Street is a suggestion only.
Those Arab women down there know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
I took this picture from the top of Schmidt's College (now also including the Paulushaus guest house), at the corner of Nablus Road.

The stairs on the photo's  left lead down to the great Damascus Gate, one of several entrances into the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.
The east Jerusalem Arab bus terminal is nearby; the small blue and white bus is one of many that go to Bethlehem and back all the time.

City Daily Photo's Theme Day today is "Pedestrians crossing."
Go take a look at the surprising interpretations our fellow bloggers are coming up with!
UPDATE, Tuesday:  At this very place some violence occurred today.
The Times of Israel reports:
"Dozens of East Jerusalemites protested the death of a Palestinian prisoner Tuesday, with riot police called in to disperse the demonstration with teargas.
Five people were arrested following the demonstration near Damascus Gate outside the Old City. Protesters reportedly hurled rocks at police, drawing teargas fire."


Adullamite said...

Crossing Jerusalem's roads is never easy!
I kept forgetting the traffic is on the wrong side of the road! Those bus drivers got a lot of shocks.

Rob Siemann said...

This must be a Mediterranean thing,not respecting zebra crossings. I remember getting a 50 D-mark fine, some 20 years ago, in Germany, for crossing a road outside of the allowed and legal zone. I was committing a crime.

Mark said...

I would love to cross here, but I would obey the rules.

Red Nomad OZ said...

That's a very Zen pedestrian crossing - is a pedestrian crossing still a pedestrian crossing if no one can see it? I bet it's not nearly as visible from the ground!!

Susie of Arabia said...

What a great perspective shot, Dina! I love taking photos from up above. Happy Theme Day!

LOLfromPasa said...

Fascinating. That is what I love about CDP...seeing and learning about photos like yours.

wilf said...

The buildings on the side are very interesting...and the shot from high above is impressive.

krisz fu said...

I like that you included lots of info. Who knows maybe one day it will be useful for me :)


These zebra crossings are only suggestions, for sure! You caught some savvy pedestrians in action.

Jim said...

Great bird's eye view.

Buck said...

No zebra markings here, just a set of parallel lines. On less busy streets we don't even have those, just the general notion to cross at the corner. Although even that seems merely a suggestion some days!

Kay said...

I'm so sorry for the violence, Dina. I hope you're keeping yourself always safe.