Monday, August 26, 2013

Opportunities for kids, so many


 Meitar's Amphi was full of life yesterday evening, with a "Happening" to showcase some of the extracurricular activities that will be offered in the new school year that starts tomorrow.

 A judo student  threw his instructor to the mat seemingly effortlessly.
He is on just one leg in the photo!

 Ah, and here are the karate kids.
My grandson Dean might join them; he is already very advanced in karate.
Did I ever tell you why I moved here?
 My Naomi and her family will be coming from Australia to live in Meitar from October to April! Guy got a sabbatical.   For seven months my three grandkids will be living only one kilometer away!

Look how these acrobatics girls lifted the younger ones!

 Several dance groups performed on stage.
These three dancers came to stand in front of where I was sitting on the lush grass so they could see the other groups.
I couldn't resist taking a picture.
(Update: I should explain that all the girls in a certain dance wore a protective  knee pad on one leg because there was a lot of kneeling on one knee.) 

Even little kids are learning the movements of capoeira.
It is quite amazing what kids can learn here in little Meitar, in  the Negev desert, in the middle of nowhere.

 One of the several youth movements active in the community gave a final cheer off to the side.

Even the dogs were happy as everyone headed home.
Nice ambiance in the amphitheater. 
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VP said...

I was just looking forward to see this 'amphi' inhabited!

Karl Demetz said...

Now it looks another... so quickly goes it.

Kay said...

What fun, Dina. The kids will love being with you in such a fabulous town. Seven months will be such a time to savor. Ummmm.... those girls were pretty thoughtless to stand right in front of you that way. Sheesh!

Dina said...

Kay, it's OK, the girl were concentrating on other things and didn't see me (well, I guess that's your point, isn't it, hehe). They only stayed there a few minutes. And I got my favorite photo of the whole evening.

anumorchy said...

So young girls and looks like two of them already have some knee problems, maybe too much dancing?

So nice to hear that You have family coming to live in the neighbourhood!

Dina said...

Anumorchy, I updated the post to explain that all the girls in a certain dance wore a protective knee pad on one leg because there was a lot of kneeling on one knee.

Spiderdama said...

Great post Dina! So nice that you can have grandkids and family around for 7 months!
God bless you!

Nadege said...

Meitar will be fun for your grandchildren. I am so happy for you that your family will be around for the next few months. You will be able to discover this pretty place together.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's great news about your daughter and her family, Dina. I enjoyed this post.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and good news about your family coming to live nearby.

Gary Phillips said...

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Hels said...

7 months is a great length of time to spend together. Enjoy every moment...take gazillions of photos :)