Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tense days as rhetoric heats up

Continuing yesterday's post about this summer's public art exhibit of Cool Globes, here are some more of the 18 globes in Jerusalem that present ideas to combat global warming.

Enlarge this accompanying sign to read about religions' attitudes to global warming.
"Is your faith calling you to act?"  it asks. 

I fear that as early as Thursday night our  Middle East part of the globe will  suddenly be  heating up from the fire power that  men will unleash on one another.
If only it could be stopped before it begins.
I hope these are not my final words to you from this blog . . .


  1. I hope so too. I find myself feeling tense and low because of what's happening in Syria and Egypt. And I'm way over here in the USA. Prayer is all I can think of to do.

  2. This beautiful, yet so cruel world.. How do we take care of this globe?

    Our thoughts are with you and Israel are in our hearts
    Take care and stay safe Dina!

  3. I hope and pray so too Dina! God keep everyone safe . . . it sure seems to be moving quickly in the direction of action. I hate that.

  4. We are all praying for peace and understanding. I pray for your safety as well Dina!

  5. "Save us parrots" .... I liked that globe the best.

    I wish the decision to attack hadn't been made. I hope you all in Israel will be safe!

  6. Very sad that you had to write this Dina. Our planet, trees, flowers, animals.... are so amazing. Humans? not so much but yet, we always pulled through. We just need a wakeup call to start being nice to one another,

  7. I'll take the fifth on this...

  8. You're right, Dina. I'm praying for peace, too.
    Interesting globes. Nice "Bicicletta" (but I like cars!) and "Save us parrots"!


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