Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our spartan amphitheater


Under the string of colored lights,  the stairs leading down to Meitar's "Amphi."
Enlarge the photo 2x and you can find some benches, the stage, a few rows of  stone seats, and lots of grass.
And the outer row of Meitar's houses.

We are looking to the north/ northwest and I reckon the buildings off in the distance are Palestinian villages or towns beyond the nearby Green Line.
Meitar was built just south of the West Bank, just below the Green Line, i.e. in Israel proper.
On this map you can see the white dotted line - - - - -  marking the 1949 Armistice Agreement Line.

To the east, west, and south of Meitar are many Israeli Bedouin villages, towns, and even one Bedouin city, Rahat

I have only lived in Meitar for two weeks so I haven't seen any events in the amphitheater yet.
Soon summer vacation ends and probably the activity in the amphi will pick up again.

You can drag that map around or zoom in on Meitar.
My 2010 paper map gives the population as 7,500.
(Linking the big sky and rare summer clouds to SkyWatch Friday.)


VP said...
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VP said...

That you were so near to the Green Line was the first thing I saw about Meitar. You have to show us the amphi when it will be full of people...

Karl Demetz said...

The amphitheater looks not finished yet, wait a while and it will not be spartan anymore, I think...

Dina said...

VP, yeah, I know you are a map guy. Sorry, I removed a duplicate comment from you. But unfortunately I also deleted the other comment for the offal post. It is too hot here to think right.

Karl, I hope you are right. They are constantly building and adding and improving things in Meitar, it seems.

HansHB said...

A lovely sky composition, well done!

Jim said...


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love your big blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Nice open air ampitheater

Kay said...

We're all enjoying exploring your new town with you, Dina.

Sara said...

I was looking around on the map and saw that amazing image of the salt pools southeast of you. Wow.

Can't wait to hear what entertainment will be offered at the amphi.

Dina said...

Sara, the evaporation ponds to mine salt and other minerals are, or were, the southern part of the Dead Sea. I still remember when the two parts were connected. Every year the Dead Sea shrinks more.