Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goat on water buffalo

Photo by Joan Fahs

Last Saturday I posted a photo of a goat standing on a Jerusalem zoo bench. 
That same day my friend Joan Fahs shared an even funnier photo and, with her permission, here it is! 

It is from this winter's unusually frosty and icy February in Perryville, Arkansas.
When I worked and lived there at Heifer Ranch (1996-2002) our two water buffalo, Briggs and Stratton, shared the same big front pasture. 
Since then, one died, leaving his buddy rather lonely. 
So I'm glad to see the Livestock people have given him some bucks for company. 
This new mixed species pasture looks like it created a real symbiotic relationship! 
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Karl Demetz said...

Ha ha, this looks quite impossible, the two must be great friends!

William Kendall said...

Oh, that's funny!

VP said...

Sorry, I don't do a Bunch of Buffaloes... yet!

Petrea Burchard said...

Everyone needs a friend. I'm glad they're pals.

Anonymous said...

This is a marvelous shot. Thanks for re-posting! Mom says the flowers are starting to push their shoots through the frosty ground in Little Rock. It's been a long winter this year. Your photos of your desert flower(s) are precious. Mary

Adullamite said...

Great picture!

Kay said...

That's a very patient water buffalo.

Huldra said...

Hehe.. Goats are funny creatures :D