Friday, February 28, 2014

People on the street


City Daily Photo's Theme Day is about people on the street.

My people here are at one end of Jaffa Street at what we call the entrance to Jerusalem.
Above them is Calatrava's Bridge of Strings which carries the tram and a few pedestrians over the busy intersection.

An older man had fainted or fallen on the sidewalk and a gurney was quickly brought for him.
So you have the young Magen David Adom (our Red Cross) volunteer medics in white, the religious onlookers in black, and two police officers.

On Sunday a stage will be built at this place and busloads of haredi Jews will converge from all over Israel and Jerusalem for a massive prayer rally and protest.
They are coming together to fight proposed new laws to draft ultra-Orthodox Jews into the army.

Highway 1, the main road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, will be closed to private cars after 2 p.m. Sunday from the Latrun area to the capital.
The Jerusalem Central Bus Station will be shut down in the afternoon.
Buses and the tram will stop running near the entrance to Jerusalem.
Some schools in the area will close at 1 p.m. 

The gridlock will be bad enough; but mainly let's pray there is not much violence.

See more in Arutz Sheva and  The Times of Israel  and Haaretz.

UPDATE, Sunday morning:
 Ynet says "Inside the haredi community there were calls from rabbis on Thursday to attend the rally, and the community's leaders gave a rare permission for women to attend – but on separate streets. All boys from the ages of nine and older were also called to attend the rally."



VP said...

May be too much people on the street, in this case...

Spiderdama said...

Let`s hope it`s a peaceful protest.

William Kendall said...

One hopes tempers don't flare...

A good take on the theme, Dina.

Virginia said...

I hope the person who fainted is feeling well now. I pray for a peaceful demonstration there as well.

crystal said...

So the man in the photo with the machine gun is a cop? I had thought maybe he was in the army.

Jim said...


Kay said...

I hope there's no violence either. That would be ironic.

Birdman said...

Peace for the weekend protest.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

From my Pittsburgh days, I cannot imagine ultra-Orthodox Jews in the military! Keep us posted.

Lynette said...

You’ve made a great Theme Day post. Thanks for the informative text. I hope that the man is OK and that all goes well on Sunday.