Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Vittorio Veneto Synagogue


From inside, looking out.

From outside, looking in.

Enough desert and Beer Sheva Brutalism; let's see some Italian Baroque style beauty!
This 17th century interior of a small synagogue in the town of Vittorio Veneto near Venice was transferred to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem in 1965 and was faithfully reconstructed.
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VP said...

I remember visiting this!

Dina said...

VP, you mean the real one, the original near Venice??

William Kendall said...

What I see here looks lovely, Dina.

Hels said...

Absolutely... save it for new generations to love. The surviving synagogues in Venice are truly gorgeous but do people use them any more?

toby said...

Really pretty - I especially like the wooden dome! Lovely all around.

Kay said...

This is very beautiful, Dina.