Monday, March 3, 2014

The old bench in bright sun

The old bench at the entrance is about the only thing in the dim and cavernous Church of the Holy Sepulchre that ever gets direct sunlight.

Here is the bench as seen from Calvary, one flight of steps up.

More about it at .
Since moving to Meitar in the Negev desert last August I quite miss being about to roam around the Holy Sepulchre and the Old City at will.
UPDATE: Read the fascinating story of the two Muslim families entrusted with the key to the Holy Sepulchre since 1187! 
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Adullamite said...

The first picture has come out really well Dina.
I suppose that is the doorkeepers bench, and a very old one at that.
I too miss the pictures from old Jerusalem, you take some real good ones.

Dina said...

Adullamite, I added an update for you, since you mentioned the doorkeepers.

And no reason we can't keep posting photos of Jerusalem, right? There are thousands waiting in the archive for someone to see them.

William Kendall said...

A beautiful shot. The bench feels very enduring.

I know the role of the doorkeeper quite well... I incorporated details about the church into an MS, whenever I get around to finishing read throughs on it.

Sara said...

Wish I could spend some time sitting on that bench.

Karl Demetz said...

This is a beautiful old bench, Dina! said...

I would love to sit on that bench to watch the people pass by.

VP said...

Definitely a holy bench!

Kay said...

You've really done an excellent job of capturing the beauty and age of that bench, Dina.

Adullamite said...

Cheers for the update! :)

Laura said...

It looks like a comforting place to sit and collect one's thoughts Dina.