Saturday, March 15, 2014

What would you be for Purim?


These days kids want to be superheroes for Purim instead of the traditional biblical heroes.
At least here in Meitar in the Negev. 
Dean (10) designed and executed his costume so he would look like Steve, a protagonist in the computer game Minecraft. 
Dean even had the sword.

Here is the computer Minecraft  Steve.
A good resemblance, no?
(Dean wore cardboard leg boxes too, but they sort of disintegrated in Friday's rain.)

See the short video or read about the interesting idea behind Minecraft at their website.
Wiki describes it as a sandbox (i.e. open world) indie game.  Huh?
Oi, I see it's going to take me a lot of research to understand what is behind my grandchildren's games and costumes.
 (Scroll through previous posts to see how they do Purim in Jerusalem.)


Peter said...

We all need superheroes - modern or ancient.

William Kendall said...

He does look the part!

Hilda said...

That's pretty good! Libby is so cute with her shiny red Purim hat, too!