Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to move the big hand one hour ahead


Time to move the clock forward tonight.
Israel, Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority begin Daylight Saving Time at 02.00.
A Times of Israel article explains how it works and adds that "The period of extended daylight hours will last for 212 days, until October 27 – the longest time period daylight savings time has ever been in effect in Israel."

My little Libby received this nice clock from her kindergarten.
The writing says

Happy birthday
With love,
Gan Ein Mor
In a few weeks Libby will have her 4th birthday.
She has grown up so much in the short seven months the family has been here from Australia.
She quickly became bilingual and loves to speak Hebrew now.
Many thanks to teacher Orli and all the staff of Gan Ein Mor for their loving and patient teaching.


VP said...

I really hate this, can't get used to it!

cieldequimper said...

That is so sweet!

I'm like VP I hate it. Unlike most people, I would prefer to stay at our current time. Closer to the sun...

William Kendall said...

It's a neat looking clock!

I dislike the time change too. We moved the clock forward earlier in the month. I'd rather just stick to standard time.

Reader Wil said...

You have beautiful grandchildren! How fast they grow.
I hope you are well and happy having the family so close by!

Reader Wil said...

I shall think of you, when you have to take leave of the children. But for now enjoy their company as much as possible.
I also hate saying goodbye.

Hilda said...

It is enviable, the way children easily soak up a new language.

Our daylight hours are so regular throughout the year, I don't remember ever having daylight savings time.

Bergson said...

we change the hour Sunday

José Mendonça said...

Libby is SO cute!

Karl Demetz said...

What a nice clock for this cute little girl.
Bilingual is good, bravo!

VP said...

I was so angry at the saving time that I forgot to say how Libby is nice here!

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful and blessed time you have had with your family in Israel. I can remember when Lib was born!

Sarah Beuzeville said...

The love that a grandparent has for a child, it is so special. It's lovely to see your special friendship. Our daylight savings in Australia ENDS this weekend. We go backwards an hour. We have 6 months of normal time and then start daylight savings again on 5th October. When I read your post it had me confused for a minute with you going forward and us going back!

Suzanne said...

I was wondering if Eyal and Libby were bilingual or had to learn Hebrew. How wonderful for them and you!