Sunday, August 1, 2010


Jerusalem is suffering through a whole week of abnormal temperatures in the mid 30s C.
Today it was 37!
I took refuge in the airconditioned Malcha Mall.

It struck me funny that two Magen David Adom bloodmobiles were unloading at the Toys R Us entrance, under a blood red arch.
Like . . . let's play vampire!
Later I saw the technicians upstairs on the shopping floor setting up five cots, a privacy screen, and a table and chair.
Needles are not my thing so I didn't wait around for the first donors.
Anyway, I would not have had the nerve to photograph.


Anonymous said...

With summer being on its hight, over here temperature ranges between 35-40C during midday and while returning from the playground often still howers at lower 30s...and yes, blood seems to be always in need. Over here mostly churches ask for it, on Sundays, after the mess...
A great start into the new week for you.

VP said...

Temperature is rising again here too. You did the right choice, there are so many things to pfotograph beyond... needles!

Trotter said...

Hi Dina! We had 41º C, but now it's back to normal...

There is a weird post at Blogtrotter Two waiting for your comment... ;)
Enjoy and have a gorgeous week ahead!

Arija said...

Thank you for your warm welcome back Dina.
For what we had last summer, your temperatures do not seem very high, yet I know how enervating they can be. The best place to be is where someone else pays for the air-conditioning and there is something to look at as well.
Pity the poor Russians with their massive fires and loss of life.
Summers are getting hotter everywhere.

Kay said...

Oh gracious! You have a Toys R Us? I sure hope it cools down for you.

JM said...

After a whole week with temperatures hitting the 40s we are very happy with the current average 30ºC. Gladly no more fires so far.