Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dressing the poles

The tram/light rail is making progress toward its predicted April completion date.
All up and down Jaffa Street I saw cosmetic touches being made, before my very eyes!

The poles that will supply the overhead electricity for the trams got beautified!
First the two workmen wrapped a skirt around the base.
Then, with drill in hand, they wrapped her--I mean IT--with the top part of the crenelated skirt that slid down and got tucked into the base
Complete with beautiful decoration--the lion of Judah, symbol of the Jerusalem Municipality.


Jew Wishes said...

What a nice set of photos...beautification in its beginnings.

Pietro said...

Dina, that's a nice work indeed!

Francisca said...

That looks very neat, especially the skirt and the city crest add a lot. Yet grey can be such a dull and hard urban color... do you think it fits the city, Dina?

VP said...

I really like this kind of reportage about how things are done. Most of our poles are decorated in the same way. Love the lion of Judah...

Kay said...

Very, very nice. That is certainly beautifying the town environment.