Thursday, August 5, 2010

Climbing into the sky

This jet has a funny face, but I can't decide if its mouth is smiling or frowning.
Happy Sky Watch Friday to all of you who love to fly.


Anonymous said...

Niiice capture!

Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Cloudia said...

Sweet flyer!

Aloha from Honolulu :)

Comfort Spiral

Sara said...

That funny mouth makes the jet look like a shark with wings! And a fin in the wrong his tail.

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful sky photo

Have a nice weekend, Bram

seen on Sky Watch Friday

Anonymous said...

With such hight, I surely must be smiling. Please have a great Friday.

daily athens

J Bar said...

Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

VP said...

I love boats, but nothing beats the grace and the strenght of plane lifting off.

Kcalpesh said...

Interesting interpretation :-)

Charlotte Lake Matheran

Kay said...

Kind of looks like a shark. ;-) Oops! Somebody else said that.