Friday, April 22, 2011

Ear- and earth-shattering thunder

What are we to make of this?!
It is said that on this day, Good Friday, Jesus agonized on the cross for six hours and during his last three hours, from noon to 3 p.m., darkness fell over the whole land.
Well, just before noon today the sky over Jerusalem and my village turned black.
For just a few minutes big tear-like drops fell from the heavens.
And then--a clap of thunder like I have never ever heard, its first part a shrill screech like a bomb falling and then a huge boom, right over my head!!
"And Jesus cried again with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit. And behold, . . . the earth shook and the rocks were split . . ."
So says Matthew 27:50-51.
And now, just after 3:00, the sky is calm and much brighter.
It is finished.
Here is the tapestry icon of the Epitaphios ("winding sheet" or shroud) from the previous post.
It hangs in the Greek Orthodox Catholicon, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Has anything strange happened in your world this Good Friday?
UPDATE 2018: See more about the Epitaphios here:


Kate said...

No, nothing earth-shattering events have entered my world. As a youngster we participated in more rituals during Holy Week, but that practice has now diminished considerably. Your tapestry is a visual statement of faith.

Dina said...

Kate--but wait, the day is still young on your side of the Atlantic.

JC said...

Are you for real??? It is noon here in Alabama, the sky is blue, sun is shining. I know it has been a long time since I've commented but I haven't forgotten you. Praying God's best for you, JC

Rayna Eliana said...

Lovely photos with words to go with.

VP said...

All quiet on the Livorno front....

Suzanne said...

Nothing like that Dina. It was sunny this morning but it has since clouded over. But no thunder, it's 3:17 pm. Only in Y'rushaliam.

Reader Wil said...

What a coincidence! We had bright sunny weather when I was listening to the St Matthew Passion by Bach, this time sung in Dutch, which was strange and yet also beautiful!

Tiz said...

Awesome post. My sister JC (This and That with JC) directed me to this post.

Just awesome!!!

crystal said...

It's cloudy and overcast here in my part of central California. Very nice winding sheet photo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

oh !

so let me think, woke up late, spend nearly the whole day playing with the child, went to church in the afternoon, set alight a candle, maybe too good a day ...

there might be hope on the horizon. wishing you all a wonderful and peace filled start into the Easter weekend.

Sara said...

Very interesting events on such a day as this, and in Jerusalem too. Nothing so dramatic here.

katney said...

I went to Church twice. Is that strange?

I hope you do not mind that I have shared this post with many people. Middle East news we will not see on TV at 11.

Kay said...

I'm just hearing of so many people being ill right now. Not very Easter or spring in feeling. I was feeling down today. However, the sun was bright and Art and I took a nice walk this evening. Tomorrow will be another day... perhaps better. No rain until next week, they say.

Hels said...

The tapestry icon of the Epitaphios is rich and wonderful!

Virginia said...

No nothing but a beautiful noon day service at my church that was very moving. Thank you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Amazing description...This kind of agrees with what my mom has said..we are orthodox christians..She said every Good FRiday she has noticed that the Sky is differnt, black clouds at 3 pm...Amazing..Good Lord