Friday, April 8, 2011

Through the looking glass

A peace pole in Arabic and Hebrew in the outdoor cafe garden courtyard of the Pilgrim Guesthouse.
With reflections for James' Weekend Reflections.
Offering hospitality since 1923, the guesthouse is attached to St. George's Cathedral, which was dedicated in 1899.
The cathedral, on Nablus Road in east Jerusalem, is the seat of the Bishop of the Anglican (Episcopal) Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.
And from the inside you can look out the window through a mirror (or something like that).
Enlarge it to see the birds carved in the old frame of the mirror.
Shabbat shalom.


foto-sh said...

looks good .. ssuch beautifull big briggs . good weekend to you and the others here

Nadege said...

This is beautiful Dina!

wenn said...

great shots!

Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful shots, have a great weekend.

jennyfreckles said...

That is a gorgeous old frame, the way you've caught the arch and leaves is lovely.

Karen said...

Great shots. I love the frame around the window in the last photo.

'Tsuki said...


Francisca said...

Quite the mirror, Dina. I've seen that image of the two birds quite often here in Bucharest; wonder if it has a special meaning.

[The clothes in my post don't do much for me either, but made for a colourful picture, hey? ;-)]

Anonymous said...

from here all might begin, today, tonight, now.

please hav a good weekend.

daily athens

jeannette said...

Ah, it took me a moment to understand what you meant -the photo taken is of a mirror. And the mirror reflects a window! You're a genius:)

crederae said...

Beautiful Dina thankyou for a beautiful presentation, may the brilliance of pure love and light shine over the middle east.

Ann said...

peace pole, I do hope there will be peace.

VP said...

A peace pole sounds like some old hippie from Krakow, but I like the place.

Kay said...

I love seeing those Peace Poles around the world. I remember seeing one by the pyramids. Thanks for telling us to enlarge the mirror photo. It was fun to see the beautiful carved birds.