Saturday, April 9, 2011

An olive-wood scratching post

Sink your claws into spring while ye may!
Carpe diem!
Soon the bright flowers will be but dry brown fire hazards.
Lara thinks old olive trees are excellent scratching posts.
She sends greetings to you and all the Camera-Critters folks.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of tree, kitty and flowers!

Kay said...

I had to enlarge the photo to see Laura. This is a great shot! She's probably got very sharp claws.

Francisca said...

Carpe diem, indeed! Lara is having a ball! And those yellow spring flowers sure are pretty!

Ms. Burrito said...

Cute critter.

Will you visit my entry, pretty please?

VP said...

Absolutely funny!

JM said...

And she's right, clever Lara! :-)

spacedlaw said...

Our cats love to scratch their claws on the garden olive tree too. The tree does not seem to mind.