Friday, September 2, 2011

Thar she blows!

Captain Ahab grasps his harpoon, ready for Moby-Dick, the white whale.
I grasp my camera, in preparation for Weekend Reflections.
And don't you love how the DVD acts as a diffraction grating for light?!
I've seen more movies in the last month than I have in the last few years.
On the really unbearable hot days in July I sought a quiet, comfortable air-conditioned place, and I discovered the American Center in Jerusalem.
It's a section of the Office of Public Affairs of the American Embassy (which, like all embassies, are in Tel Aviv).
They have a cozy corner to read journals, computers with WiFi to use, and lots of books to borrow.
AND you can take two DVD movies for one week. FREE.
The Gregory Peck version of Moby-Dick came out in 1956.
How much did I understand of it then, seeing it as a child?
But I vividly remembered certain scenes and lines from seeing it half a century ago.
Hats off to my daughter who is making time to actually read the big long book.
Either way, Herman Melville's classic is a powerful story.


JM said...

How clever, Dina, what a great idea!

RuneE said...

Both a reflection and a diffraction - that isn't bad :-)

LauraX said...

fun reflection Dina:-)

'Tsuki said...

Well, chasing the perfect reflection is a little bit like whale hunt... But you caught a very clever one this week, dina, well done !

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Love your reflections in this post, both the visual one and the mental ones.

I can't help wondering if sea captains really wore hats like the one on Gregory Peck's head while they were out a-whaling though!

Kay L. Davies said...

Free movies. Can't beat that!
I love the reflection on the DVD, but wouldn't have thought of photographing it. Good for you.
I'd have been 9 or 10 when I first saw Moby Dick. I was a precocious child and would probably have already read the book.
I was old enough to admire Gregory Peck, but still too young to decide which I preferred, the movie or the book.
I still think it sounds pretentious to say "Oh, the movie? Well, personally, I preferred the book." So terribly la di dah! LOL
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Irina said...

Only when I read the post I realized that I see Dina. Well, part of Dina)). Great reflections idea.

VP said...

It is good that you can get easily DVD there... (How many US presidents promised to move the Embassy in Jerusalem?)

Anonymous said...

This was the second book I read in my life. Thank you for the memories. Please have a good weekend.

James said...

Neat reflection! The movie came out before I did. I've tried to watch it a few times but I never seem to finish it, however I did enjoy the book. The DVD is much better for reflections though. :)

Dianne said...

I must look closer at DVD's in future - they are reflective by nature! How good to be able to get your videos to watch free!! it would certainly fill in those unberably hot days.
Have a wonderful week-end Dina!

katney said...

We also go to the movies on the hottest days of the summer. The AC at the theaters works much better than our little window unit.

crystal said...

Nice reflection! I've never been to an embassy before - I didn't realize they were visit-able. Here the county library has free DVD check-outs too and I have one now - season 7 of Frasier :)

Spiderdama said...

A different and creative reflection. I always fall asleep to the movies, so I have not seen it..
Happy weekend:-)

Dina said...

Shalom friends. I'm really impressed that you readers were reading such a long book at such young ages.
I took a look now at Moby-Dick on Google Reader and see why. It is riveting!

VP, there is talk that the new country of southern Sudan will have their embassy in Jerusalem.
It will be the only embassy in our capital.

Crystal, if you have business at the American Embassy, it is in Tel Aviv. Israelis go there to get visas to the USA. I went there to get Dept. of State birth certificates for my born-in-Israel children.
Jerusalem has several consulates where you can do most of your embassy business.
Tight security. If you have an umbrella, it must be left at the guard's desk.

Birdman said...

As an English major, I did the deed too. I've had my share of 'blubber' info though. Love that movie version. The BEST!

Ann said...

I have actually never finished reading this book, here in NZ. we have Whale Rider.