Sunday, September 11, 2011

Together on September 11

This picture of solidarity is from the Facebook page USEmbassyTelAviv.

The new American Ambassador, Dan Shapiro, who speaks fluent Hebrew, said this at the memorial ceremony today at our September 11 memorial site in the Jerusalem Hills:

אין עם שמבין את הכאב שלנו ואיך להמשיך לחיות עם כאב יותר מהעם בישראל. הקשר המוסרי בינינו מחזק את שנינו.
It means "There is no other people that understands our pain and how to keep living with the pain more than the Israeli people. The moral bond between us makes us both stronger."

He speaks the truth.
The Embassy has a short video of the monument's 2009 dedication.
The sculpture has the names and country of origin of all the victims.
More about it at the JNF website.
We watched, not without tears, the moving commemorations live on Israel TV today from New York and the Pentagon.

Interesting that the young man who designed the powerful monument at Ground Zero is architect
Michael Arad, a veteran of an IDF commando squad and son of a former Israeli ambassador to the United States.
In this video tour with him, Arad describes the monument as "the built equivalent of a moment of silence."
May America never have need for more such monuments.


VP said...

I like the beautiful design of the memorial at Ground Zero. I hope that noble words of the ambassador reflect something true and not subject to change.

jeannette said...

What a great tribute you've brought us these snippets of others remembrance! How true, no one but the Israeli's could understand the impact and loss of that day 10 years ago.

ρομπερτ said...

A deep bow in respect from Athens, Greece.

RuneE said...

I have been to Ground Zero, and I have seen the monuments and the museums. I still remember how and when I got to know about the terror.

We have just had our own experience of terror. May it not happen to anyone else.

We have got to be optimists for the future, but it is difficult. Only, the alternative is worse.

Rob and Mandy said...

Here, it was the Diada, the Catalan national holiday, remembering the siege of Barcelona by Spanish troops in 1714. A very anti-Spanish holiday, they even burned a Spanish flag and a portrait of King Juan Carlos. They also burned a french flag, as Catalunya is partly in France. When will those... understand.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Dina.