Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update on the roof covering, but in GREEK

I found a clue to the mystery of the new roof awning (shown in yesterday's post) over the Greeks' building next to the Holy Sepulchre, but it's Greek to me.

Both photos are from the Jerusalem Patriarchate News Gate website.

Some of their 16 photos from June show the big roof awning being constructed.

But the article is in Greek.
Can you read Greek?
Does it say the purpose of the roof covering and if it is meant to be for now and ever and unto ages of ages?

Photo source here.

This sign makes me smile, wondering what Constantine, Queen Helene, the Crusaders, and the other ancient builders of the church would think of it.
UPDATE: Tom Powers found the answers to the canopy mystery!


crystal said...


You can get an auto-translation of the page from Google ... it's kind of spotty, though.

Spiderdama said...

This is very Greek to me, but it makes me smile:-)

crystal said...

Sorry - here's the link ...

Dina said...

Crystal, I tried with
as you said but I understand almost nothing from the machine translation.

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, the Patriach Theofilos visited the Church and visited the building site as well.
The continue to write about what was repaired.
Seems as if he went to a couple of other churches as well, i.e. of Abraham, and that it is located close to Golgotha.
They are kept in shape through the Foundation.
Returning they informed other heads of the church about the conditions the buildings are in.

Google might find it indeed difficult to translate, as this form of Greek is kind of ancient and mostly used only be church.
Hope this was helpful.

Petrea Burchard said...

I don't understand a word, but I love the photo.

Petrea Burchard said...

ρομπερτ, that was very helpful, thanks!

Dina said...

Thank you Robert!
I was hoping you would come by and come to our rescue with the Greek.

Adullamite said...

I suspect that will take at least a year, if not more, to complete.