Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christian Quarter Christmas decorations

Here in the Jewish parts of the Holy Land you would never know that Christmas starts tomorrow evening.
So for you, gentle readers, I made a trip into Jerusalem today and walked through the Christian Quarter of the Old City in search of red and green of the season.

Right inside the city wall a life-size Santa robot was singing and talking, bowing and waving.

A picture was hung from the New Gate proclaiming "Glory to God in the Ela and on earth peace and happiness in people."
Ela?  I guess that means something like "highest"?
This seems to be a translation from Arabic. 

The baby's halo looks none too comfortable to sleep on.
(All these photos can be twice enlarged.)

The big Palestinian school had a big tree and a big picture near their gate. 
Collège des Frères is one of over 1,000 schools world-wide that is owned and operated by the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, also known as the De La Salle Christian Brothers, based in Rome.

Christ Church had a Christmas tree, albeit a rather scrawny one.
Our Keren Kayemet/JNF  distributes Christmas trees to the Christian population of Jerusalem every year just before the holiday.
See my impressions of that happy event here .
More blog pictures of local Christmas 2008-2011 are here.  Welcome.
Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends out there!


Eki said...

The festive mood of the season seems to be in the full swing. Santa and the Christmas tree are very familiar. We too have them here.

I like your observation about the helo in the portrait (painting?) above the gate. It doesn't look very comfortable indeed.

Fran said...

Thanks for posting such wonderful photos. I may not comment much these days Dina, but I am always here... lurking and enjoying!

Dina said...

Eki, thanks for telling us that. So there really is a Santa, even in Indonesia. :)

Fran, shalom. I am happy to know you visit here; you are welcome to lurk. :) I read your posts and enjoy your music regularly, too. Merry Christmas!

Kay said...

What fun to see the Christmas celebrations in full gear where it all started.

Anonymous said...

Energy in your city must be felt high.

Hope everything remains peaceful and bright. Thank you for these interesting impressions.

Petrea Burchard said...

I think a halo would be uncomfortable for many reasons, and in many ways! But I guess somebody's got to wear it.

A fun post, Dina.

crystal said...

Here there are a lot of Christmas displays in peoples' front yards and Christmas lights and trees everywhere. It's interesting to see what's going on in your part of the world.

Happy Christmas, Dina :)

Mark said...

Great shots Dina, thanks for the blessing. Happy Hanukkah to you.

Spiderdama said...

How nice. Great pictures Dina. We do have most of lights and Christmas trees in my city it is not common with paintings hanging around.

I think Ela means:
Glory to God in the "highest"!

VP said...

Love the Santas and the tree is always better of our 'public' ones!

Sara said...

Thanks for the glimpses, Dina. You are so right about that halo! My favorite is Christ Church, looking simple and holy, lovely and quiet . . .

Suzanne said...

Thank you Dina for making the trip in.