Sunday, December 2, 2012

Of Gods and Men

Verses 6-7 of Psalm 82 are shown at the beginning of the film Of Gods and Men.
The movie's title (in the original French,  Des hommes et des dieux) also comes from this puzzling psalm of Asaph.
The movie is a must-see!

 1. A psalm. Of Asaph.

God stands in the divine assembly; among the gods He issues judgment.
2. “How long will you judge perversely, and to the evildoers show favor?   Selah.
3. Judge the weak and the orphan; the lowly and the poor, vindicate.
4. Deliver the weak and the needy; from the hand of the evildoers, save them.
5. They know not and grasp not; in darkness they go about; they totter, all the foundations of the earth.
6. I had set you as gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;
7. but you shall die as a human does, like one of the princes, you shall fall.”

8 Arise, O God, judge the earth, for You have Your heritage among all the nations.

Translation of Psalm 82 is  by Rabbi Benjamin J. Segal.  
See his interesting notes for the two very different ways of interpreting this psalm. 
He points out that 
"For over a millennium, until the advent of Christianity, the Israelite faith alone carried the banner of monotheism. As such, it had to confront, uniquely, for itself and for its adherents, apparent evidence of conflicting wills functioning in the universe.

A partial response is reflected in the assumed existence of semi-divine beings, somewhere between God and humanity, who sometimes function as a heavenly court, as it were. . . . "
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Anonymous said...

Like the second paragraph of the footnote much and the referring to the 'function as a heavenly court'.

Yes, current time turns once again out to be a challenge. One can only hope that humankind will meet this challenge, being 'set as sons of the Most High'.

Must be years since last i saw a movie. Thank you very much for your kind participation. Please have a peaceful new month ahead.

Mary Gerdt said...

Always a welcome lesson here. Will look for that movie! Have a great day. mary

Spiderdama said...

Very interesting notes and explanations about this psalm, I do not understand it, not in Norwegian either..:-)

Wish you a blessed Sunday Dina!

JM said...

A wonderful movie! I have it on my DVD collection.

VP said...

A very interesting post...

Sara said...

Shalom Dina, the film sounds very powerful and an apt illustration of aspects of this psalm. I will need to wait for the right time to watch this, when I am feeling especially courageous and hopeful.

crystal said...

I haven't seen the movie, but read about the events. I saw another movie, The Assault, that was about a similar subject.

Eki said...

It sounds like a very interesting movie. Will see it.

Cloudia said...

that is very interesting, Dina

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