Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aussie grandkids feed the chooks


Happy Australia Day to all Aussies and Aussies-at-heart! 

My  contribution to that fine country is three happy born-in-Australia citizens--my three grandchildren, Dean, Eyal, and Libby.
Daughter Naomi and son-in-law Guy, both born and raised in Israel, went way down to "the Great South Land" to study for their doctorate and stayed.  
That's Guy in the photo with their kids. 

Can't blame them.  Life is Australia is a lot calmer, safer, saner, and less stressful than here in the Middle East. 
As you can see from my self-portrait,  bushwalking in New South Wales with a much needed mozzie net, the only thing in life that bothered me in Australia was the flies. 
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My own blog has lots more Australia-Israel connections under the labels ANZAC Day and Australia. 
Ah, wish I were there right now to celebrate.
(And this post can be for Camera Critters too.)


eileeninmd said...

Great post, love the photo of your grandchildren and the chickens.

LOLfromPasa said...

I can so relate to all you say. Our grandson was born there. Lovely we could visit. Great protection you used to dodge those darn flies!

Peter said...

What a magical connection, hope you get downunder again soon.

Jackie said...

I love chickens and just took a few shots of a rooster down the road the other day.

The chickens with your grandchildren and you with that net make for a wonderful visit.

We used netting like that during the spring time when I lived in Maine to avoid mass attacks from black flies.

Black flies are like tiny gnats but they have a nasty little bite that will swell, itch and drive bonkers for about a week.

I enjoyed this very much! Happy weekend to you!

cieldequimper said...

They are so sweet! Nice self(?) portrait too!

Julie said...

So a contribution to our country you have made, Dina. Perhaps, the younger generation will migrate back to Israel for their 'great adventure'.

Thank you, also, for your contribution to our first portal National Day.

Nadege said...

Australia and New-Zealand are 2 of my favorite countries. Wish I would visit more often.

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos, loved the ones with your grandchildren and the chickens and the one with you and your mozzie hat. There are times when I need one of those for our mosquitoes over here. Wishing you a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

happy australia day to you too Dina (for yesterday). i agree, the flies can be bothersome at times. :) shalom, Fran

Hels said...

We have the opposite situation, grandchildren in Australia and in Israel. I know my older son adores his Israeli wife and living in Israel, but I wish the two countries were closer geographically. And I wish the tickets were cheaper.

Your three grandchildren look typically Australian, casual and healthy :)

Jo said...

A very wonderful connection with Oz.
And to be truthful those flies bug me no end!!!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi Dina, I didn't realise you had an Australian connection!

Ann said...

Lol to the mozzie net.

Spiderdama said...

Great photo of your grandchildren. And you too:-)
Somthimes you feel you need that thing in front of your face here when we have a lot of mosquitos.
Wish I could visit Australia once.., but I think the flight would be too long for me.

Anonymous said...

There's a cock and his 'family' living right next to us and his singing wakes us up every morning, makes one feel like living in a village.

Happy Australia day for you and yours. Yes, living miles apart can be challenging, yet technology helps.

Kay said...

Happy Australia Day to Naomi and her beautiful, brilliant family. I wish you could be in a calmer place, Dina. I don't suppose you'd like to go move there and watch your grandchildren grow up?

Hilda said...

They're all adorable! You look cute in your net too. ;)

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

I always considered clever faces to be the most beautiful ones.

I am sorry yours dearest are far away.