Saturday, January 19, 2013

KAI in snow, with curious cat


In last week's rare and not-long-lasting snow I wrote my grandson's name, planning to e-mail the picture to him in Los Angeles.
Kai has not yet seen snow, Californian that he is.  

Meanwhile a stray cat walked into my photo. 
Now, looking at the enlarged version on screen, I try to figure out the tomcat's strange stance:
alert?  afraid?
assuming attack mode? 
being careful to avoid snow? 
about to jump up to the shed roof?
studying the grapevine's shadow? 
listening for a bird? 
catching scent of a she-cat? 
Maybe the animal observers at Camera-Critters know?
(P.S.  There is another animal, a HUGE rubber duck, in the previous post!)
And if you missed the snow pictures last week, look at


TexWisGirl said...

that's cute to catch the cat there. :)

TheChieftess said...

That's the stance my cats take when they're approaching they're not too sure what it is...
I didn't know it snows in Jerusalem!!!

Thanks for visiting MammothLakesDP!!!

Jidhu Jose said...



Dina said...

TexWisGirl shalom. It was luck, all right.

The Chieftess, thanks. I didn't have enough cat vs. snow experience to know. It snowed here last time five years ago.
I added links in the post for folks who missed the snow pictures last week.

VP said...

I like snow, I really enjoy pictures of it, but I do not want it here again...

Zsuzsanna said...

The photos are beautiful, I wish you a good weekend!

Spiderdama said...

Cool picture to send to him. And he has not seen snow? Unreal to me.
Cats get used to all circumstances, I think, but it's interesting what's going on in their head.
"Our" cat tolerate blizzards and -20 degrees without blinking.

Ps: To day we have half a meter of snow:-)

Nancy Claeys said...

I imagine that was the cat's first glimpse of snow. :)

Cloudia said...

Kitties commune with mystery.
Nice capture for the boy.

Happy Aloha to YOU
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >
> < } } ( ° >

Birdman said...

... or send him here. Another 5 inches on Wednesday. Alright, already! Sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

He sees a lizard sunbathing on the wall. BTW: I saw snow two weeks ago in Los Angeles....had to go up the mountain though

sandyshares said...

love that inquisitive kitty

Anonymous said...

What fun for the cat. Years since last I saw snow as well. A great gift you made. Please have a good Sunday.

Jackie said...

I saw where they reported snow in Los Angeles too and was shocked! It had to be in the mountains.

LOL with your cat. My cats don't like it when we get snow either. They stay up on the porch.

Luckily for me and them it usually melts right away when we do get it.

Cute picture..I love cats!

Marleen said...

What a nice idea to send this to your grandson! The cat wants to have a look too..

Pia said...

Dina your grandson will love this shot you did for him. What a grat idea!
I think the cat is nosy reading what you wrote in the snow......

Liebe Grüße,

Karl Demetz said...

I'm sure your grandson will be happy to see this photo!

Adullamite said...

Cat is very apprehensive about snow, and rightly!

-K- said...

A nice photo with a very nice story to go with it.

Mark said...

I think it's scared of the snow.

Kay said...

That's so amazing, Dina. I'm sure Kai loved it. Having just returned from California, I can tell you it was plenty cold over there. I almost expected it to snow the first day we were there.

JM said...

I heard about the snow over there. Actually there's a snow storm on the highlands of northern Portugal now and even schools are closed.