Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celestial cartography at Hebrew University

Shalom from Israel where this week's weather is wet, wild, and windy.
Tune in tomorrow to see if Jerusalem really gets the expected snow!

Meanwhile, for ABC Wednesday,  Z is for zodiac.

But this, that I found on the wall of the National Library of Israel, is more than just a zodiac;  it is a famous example of celestial cartography from 1515.
It is a reproduction of Albrecht Dürer's woodcut called  Imagines coeli Septentrionales cum duodecim imaginibus zodiaci, a star chart of the Northern hemisphere sky with images of the 12 zodiacal constellations.

In the corners are four historical astronomers:  Aratus of Cilician Soli, Ptolemy, Marcus Manilius, and Al-Sufi.

You can click once on the photo and then click again, to see it much enlarged.

Fascinating details about Albertus Durer's star charts are told in Electrum Magazine

What other treasures lie in these big locked drawers of the National Library's Map Room?
Only the librarian knows for sure.


Carver said...

Great idea for Z and a good shot. Carver, ABC Wed. TEam

richies said...

Love the old zodiac

An Arkies Musings

Wanda said...

Nice. That never entered my mind, but then I was looking for Z's in my kitchen. HaHa

Leslie: said...

Wow! That's amaZing, Dina!

abcw team

Hels said...

I would be so delighted to see Albrecht Dürer's famous 1515 woodcut that it wouldn't matter at all if it was only a reproduction. Celestial cartography was often hilarious, but at least Durer was trying.

Roger Owen Green said...

not your everyday zodiac!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay said...

I didn't even think Israel got snow. :-) Stay warm.

VP said...

I love the idea of a treasure (or many) in a library...

Spiderdama said...

Cool Z! Yes, I saw picture from Jerusalem with snow today at Instagram. Hope you do not freeze.

Rob Mandy said...

Freezing? It is spring here. Which probably means the worst has still to come, in February.