Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cats in snow

If you have looked at my blog for the past two days you  know that the Jerusalem region was treated to a rare snowfall on Thursday.
Ten inches!

It was only the second time in her life for 6-year-old Shachar to feel snow underfoot.
She walked through it as gingerly as possible. 
Two legs down, two legs up, way up.

Lara, Shachar's mother, wanted nothing of it.
She tried to stay high and dry.

The little cat paw prints looked delicate,

compared to the much bigger canine prints.
Or--maybe this was the jackal I saw in the snow of 2008!

(All photos can be much enlarged.)

(A post for Camera Critters.)


Deb said...

Yes, cats and snow don't often mix. Our 5 stay close to the wood-stove in the winter. Lovely photos. Deb

Spiderdama said...

How cute! I like cats when I see these cute photos:-) And I particularly like the shadow in the first one.

Cloudia said...

Never dull watching our animal companions, Dina.
I'll dream of the they sing like coyotes?

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Jackie said...

My cats get mad just when it gets cold. They won't get off the porch if it snows.

These are really cute pictures. I love the paw prints!!

Happy weekend!:-)

Pietro said...

Cats and water/snow are not friends indeed. Beautiful pictures!

Petrea Burchard said...

These are darling photos. I feel for these critters, but Shachar, at least, seems to be having an adventure.

Adullamite said...

Lovely cats!
But I'm with Lara, she has the right idea!

Dina said...

Cloudia, the jackals sing in a funny chorus. Follow the link in this post to hear a short audio clip I made.

VP said...

This is quite fun: dogs like it better!

Mark said...

Wonderful shots, I enjoyed looking at these as we are in a heatwave here.

Pat said...

Cute shots! They've had enough snow for a lifetime now!

Kay said...

10 inches?!?! That would be a lot for Chicago also. That is just so amazing. The kitties must have been so puzzled.

Uwe-Jens Zeder said...

Schnee in Jerualem, das kommt wohl nicht all zu oft vor?
Grüsse aus Berlin, Uwe-Jens